MADverse launches as homegrown service platform for independent artists

MADverse has officially launched to provide independent artists with all-in-one services, ranging from distribution to promotion. The tech-first platform strives to equip artists with tools and resources to take charge of their creative process and expedite their music career’s growth by building a community.

The Indian music industry has seen a surge in popularity, and independent artists have emerged onto the scene. However, despite this growth, independent artists often struggle to find the necessary support and resources to succeed. MADverse aims to bridge this gap by exclusively focusing on empowering artists with 360° services.

The platform also recently announced their partnership with The Indian Music Diaries as a sponsor for The Indian Music Diaries Awards, now in its fourth edition, with the aim to “modernise the independent music scene in India.”

The company claims that one of their most significant features is its emphasis on transparency, allowing artists to be in control of their releases as they distribute music to a global audience. The platform provides complete transparency throughout the distribution process, enabling artists to track their earnings and split royalties with collaborators.

Rohan Jain, CEO & Founder, MADverse

Founder and CEO of MADverse, Rohan Jain, speaks of the company’s mission to democratise the music industry by providing independent artists with complete creative control over their music, distributing it on their own terms and owning their masters. Jain highlights transparency and decentralisation as essential to achieving this goal, making MADverse the first Indian company to offer 360° services to independent artists.

MADverse also provides a platform for artists to build a community and collaborate with musicians worldwide, fostering an environment where performers can support each other and grow together. Rohan emphasises the company’s focus on creating not only a music distribution service but a community-driven platform that encourages independent artists to take charge of their music careers while holding onto their creative freedom.

With its tech-first approach and commitment to independence, MADverse is poised to become the go-to platform for independent artists in India and globally. MADverse aims to help artists connect, collaborate, and create with their peers beyond physical boundaries, providing them with a platform to get discovered in new regions and cross-pollinate fans across different genres. 

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