Muzigal launches fourth music academy in Bengaluru

Muzigal, a music education platform, has opened its fourth music academy in Amruthahalli, Jakkuru Layout, Bengaluru. The 2200 sq. ft. facility offers a conducive environment for learning both vocal and instrumental music.

The launch event featured Chief Guest Nagaranjini Raghu, a renowned playback singer, and Guests of Honour, Dr. Lakshminarayana Yeluri, the founder of Muzigal.

The new academy is said to accommodate over 500 students across multiple batches– providing lessons in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Carnatic Vocals, Hindustani Vocals, Western Vocals, Violin, and Ukulele. Muzigal is offering a month of free music education for new enrolments during the inaugural month.

Muzigal aims to set a high standard in music education by integrating online and offline learning with a music instruments shop-front. Dr. Lakshminarayana Yeluri emphasized, “The Muzigal Academy builds on our mission of democratizing music education by giving learners access to a top-tier learning center in their community. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, periodic assessments, certification, flexible payment plans, and expert teachers, making it highly learner-centric.”

With over 10,000 students across India, the USA, the UK, Australia, and the UAE, and supported by 400+ trained music teachers, Muzigal has successfully conducted over 40,000 classes. The platform caters to both hobby learners and those aiming for Trinity grade certification.

Unlike traditional music institutions that are often limited in scale and geography, Muzigal reimagines neighbourhood music academies with modern infrastructure, a wide range of music courses, dedicated staff, trained teachers, and an integrated shop front.

Click here to visit the website.

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