Jonita Gandhi’s ‘Arabic Kuthu’ crosses 100 million views

Since its release on February 14, ‘Arabic Kuthu’ from the film ‘Beast’ has gone viral all over the world. Now it’s crossed more than 100 million views in less than two weeks with netizens scrambling over themselves to be part of the internet challenges surrounding the track.

The first single from director Nelson’s action entertainer ‘Beast’, received 25 million views within just 24 hours of being released. The song has been voiced by Anirudh Ravichander and Jonita Gandhi, with lyrics by Sivakarthikeyan. The track also recently reached the fourth spot on Spotify’s ‘Top Songs Debut Global’ list. “When I first heard the song, I found it really catchy,” says singer Gandhi in an exclusive chat with Music Plus adding that with’ Arabic Kuthu’, it’s hard not to sing along, whether you know the lyrics or not. It’s the hook that reels people in and everyone’s just enjoying dancing and singing along. “Anirudh has a way of always making infectious music. I had a feeling this song would make some waves with listeners, but I had no idea it would go viral so quickly,” she says.  

And viral it has gone. In addition to dominating streaming platforms, ‘Arabic kuthu’ has become social media phenomenon. From Korean women dancing to the spirited tune, or Dutch singer Emma Heesters covering it on YouTube; and a bar in Texas just playing the track to get people to dance. “It’s incredibly exciting and overwhelming at the same time,” says Gandhi talking about the meteoric rise of the song. “We ended a live concert together performing the song live for the very first time at Expo 2020 and the crowd went wild! It’s such a thrill to see how well the audience is receiving the song and I hope they keep showing us their love!”  

Gandhi, an Indo-Canadian singer began her career on YouTube before getting a break in Bollywood with the title track of the film, ‘Chennai Express’ in 2013. An oft collaborator of music maestro A.R. Rahman, Gandhi has belted popular tracks such as ‘Azhagiye’ from ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’ and ‘Mei Nigara’ from ‘24’. Though she performs primarily in Hindi, Gandhi has garnered success for her multi-lingual efforts. “As a person who speaks only English and Hindi, I love singing in different languages,” she says. “I enjoy the challenge of learning the lyrics and trying to get them right. I feel like it helps me connect with a wider audience because the listeners are able to connect to my voice lyrically in their native tongues as well, which I feel really does allow for a special bond.”

Nelson’s ‘Beast’ is all set to release on April 14. Gandhi will soon be making her onscreen debut in the upcoming Vignesh Shivan Tamil film ‘Walking/Talking Strawberry Icecream’.

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