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Gaana launches AutoQueue


Gaana has unveiled its latest product feature ‘AutoQueue’. The new offering provides personalised music listening to users.


The new feature offers listeners seamless streaming once they have selected a particular track. Gaana then plays similar songs automatically.


AutoQueue reduces the time spent manually searching for music and help users solve for ‘listener’s block’ (where one struggles to think of the next song to play). The feature also makes the discovery of new music easier, as listeners get served apt songs they might not know on their own.


Gaana-AutoQueue is powered by a machine learning algorithm that factors probability of songs being heard together. It takes into consideration past user behaviour as well as similarity of music, tempo/bpm, etc. to predict possible songs a user would like to hear after they have manually played one song.


The algorithm analyses thousands of signals and data points to come up with personalised song suggestions.


In a statement, Gaana CEO Sandeep Lodha said, “In the last year and a half, audio streaming has played a major role in people’s lives and consumption is on the up. With AutoQueue we are going one step further to hyper-personalise each user’s app experience making it effortless to listen to great music.”


He added, “The feature is born of Gaana’s user research and tech capabilities and gives personalised endless background track to the lives our users live in the foreground.”


Watch the Gaana AutoQueue ad here


Author: Deborah Editor

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