Women of Music India: A long-awaited community for women in Indian music industry

Women of Music India (WoMI) has officially rolled out its membership program. WoMI, a community led by women, aims to break down barriers and create opportunities for women globally in various music-related roles, spanning artists, managers, executives, label heads, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, journalists, and more.

Founded with a mission to amplify women’s voices within the music ecosystem, WoMI is committed to paving the way for the next generation of women entering the industry. Membership is open to all individuals identifying as women and comes at no cost.

The initiative gained momentum with a campaign kickstarted on November 23, receiving support from influential figures. The inaugural group of members includes renowned artists such as Jonita Gandhi, Jasleen Royal, Kamakshi Khanna, alongside business executives like Preeti Nayyar (SVP – Brand Partnerships, Universal Music Group), Ankita Maheshwari (GM – People Manager, Sony Music India), and Shreya Khaladkar (Comms Lead, Believe).

Rapper Raja Kumari, an early supporter and member, emphasized the need for women to take the lead in the music industry, stating, “It’s time for the mic to be passed on and let women take the lead too.” Jasleen Royal echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the removal of barriers faced by women in the industry.

Executives and professionals from the music domain have pledged their support to facilitate members’ access to an extensive network of professionals, providing early opportunities, job listings, mentorship programs, and industry-led workshops and events for networking.

Preeti Nayyar, Senior Vice President, Brand Partnerships, Universal Music Group, shared, “We’re pooling in our resources, ideas, and experience to allow more women to obtain the skills required to join the industry.”

Sweta Ojha, Co-Founder of Bluprint, expressed the initiative’s potential in building a supportive community for women across all sectors of the music business. She stated, “This initiative gives us the chance to build a community that can support each other and get more women a seat at the table across all areas of the music business.”

Against the backdrop of the Indian music industry gaining global recognition and diversifying, Women of Music India emerges as a transformative force. With the goal of amplifying voices and effecting change, WoMI stands as a progressive step toward fostering inclusivity and diversity within the industry.

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