Songs for summer

Feeling the heat? Summer is all about the senses. It’s time for a holiday with a book in one hand and a tall glass of something deliciously cool in the other. There’s time for naps. It’s the season of mangoes and cool cottons. Summer sometimes feels like a fever dream and on other days, just a hot delirious fever. This playlist is an ode to those inexplicable feelings that only summer can induce.

Summer Love

This song by Maati Baani featuring Vidya Vox evokes the romance of summer and all the vibrant colours that make it pop. The song imagery brings up the simple joys of summer like ‘sleeping in the sun, riding bikes, chewing bubblegum’ while also blending Hindustani classical with English lyrics and instantly transporting you to the vibes of early aughts Channel [V]. Raag Yaman is both temperate and lively, a perfect summer mood.   

Jind Mahi

This season brings with it harvest festivals across the nation from Vishu in Kerala, Moatsu Mong in Nagaland to Baisakhi in Punjab. Baisakhi marks the ripening of the rabi crop. Farmers thank the gods for a bountiful produce and pray for prosperity for the next year. In Harshdeep Kaur’s song, a young woman fixes her hair in the mirror and the hardworking farmers come to see the fanfare of the local fair. They sit down together for a beat.


Summer coincides with a lot of New Year celebrations in several calendars of the subcontinent. The festivities are harbingers of new aspirations. Plus, is there a better metaphor for this than a kite flying? The lyrics of this song from ‘Kai Po Che’ promise to wake sleeping fates and make the sky bow but also to cut the ties that need to be severed.

Daruno Agni Bani Re

Finally, a song that describes the infernal heat of this season in glorious detail. For instance, likening the temperature to the sensation of seeing a lover. See how she can truly punish you, leaving your heart parched with days as restless as sleepless nights. Even the weary birds are begging for relief with no comfort to be found. Such is your love’s mighty arrow of fire. This protagonist is desperate even if she sings this Rabindra Geet sweetly. 

Pyara Sa Gaon

What is it about a lazy summer afternoon that offers up brooding sentimentality? The song ‘Pyara Sa Gaon’ simulates the joy of savouring nature’s delights, the details of a rough road and dense shade. In the context of the tragedy of Zubeida, this song is a balm for a mother not being able to sing a lullaby to her son. The song, performed by Lata Mangeshkar, will haunt you.

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