YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan and web3: What’s next?

After a seven year stint as YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan was appointed as the new CEO of YouTube last week. This comes after Susan Wojcicki, who had been at the helm of YouTube for almost a decade, announced that she’d be stepping down to take on an advisory role at Alphabet Inc.

The announcement bodes well with fans of web3 technologies as Mohan’s past statements expressing his views on web3 technology indicate that there are significant changes in store for the world’s largest video-sharing platform.

In an interview last year, he detailed the potential of web3 technology to revolutionize the music industry. Mohan sees music NFTs as a powerful way for artists to connect with their fans and monetize their work. He believes that music NFTs can create new revenue streams for artists by allowing them to sell unique digital assets like concert tickets, backstage passes, and exclusive merchandise to their fans. 

Additionally, NFTs can help artists to build a closer relationship with their fans by giving them more access to their creative process and by creating more interactive and personalized experiences on the platform.

During his tenure, he led several initiatives, including the development of YouTube Music, YouTube TV, and the company’s overall product strategy.

He wrote in a blog post that YouTube was looking at ways it could integrate Web3 technology, by “making YouTube more immersive” by leveraging the metaverse or tapping into technology like NFTs.

Web3 technology, also known as the decentralized web, is a next-generation internet architecture that aims to give users more control over their online activities. It does this by eliminating the need for centralized platforms, allowing users to interact directly with one another.

Overall, Mohan sees the metaverse and music NFTs as important trends that will shape the future of the internet and the creative economy.

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