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YouTube introduces New Music Credits Section for Rights holders



YouTube will now provide added information for songs with a section called “Music in this video, found within the “SHOW MORE area that can be expanded underneath videos.

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The video-sharing website made a positive move with the creator community by vividly expanding music credits on the platform. Numerous online streaming platforms have had to contend with providing appropriate credits to songs.

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According to an announcement, Music in this video credits the artist, songwriter, label and publishers behind than half a billion music videos. The feature will provide credits and music discovery information on both music videos as well as user-generated content that features recorded music. The move follows a similar recent one by Spotify, although theirs does not include publisher information.

CEO of Performing Rights Society (PRS) Robert Ashcroft said, “Unlike with CDs, and LPs before that, songwriters are not generally credited for their work on digital services and platforms; I welcome the steps that YouTube is taking to right this wrong and look forward to supporting their efforts on behalf of all our members.”

In 2016, YouTube reached a settlement reported to be between $30 and $40 million with the National Music Publishers Association to pay royalties to songwriters. That’s about the same size as a deal also reached by Spotify with the group.

Sony/ATV Chairman Martin Bandier, the world’s largest music-publishing company, said, “Songwriters are essential to the success of the music industry, but too often their critical role gets overlooked. It is why I have long called for all online music services to properly acknowledge their contribution by displaying writer credits. This move by YouTube is an important step forward to deliver that goal and one which Sony/ATV welcomes.

YouTube has also been in the headlines for the new music subscription service which will launched in five markets on May 22. There is both an ad-supported free tier and a $9.99-per-month package called YouTube Music Premium.

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