Wynk Music teams up with Dolby Atmos for enhanced listening experience

Music streaming app, Wynk Music, has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to introduce Dolby Atmos® to its users without any additional charges.

Wynk Music’s Dolby Atmos music collection and playlists encompass tracks from a variety of languages, spanning across eight languages, sourced from music labels such as Yash Raj Films (YRF), Saregama, and Phonographic Digital Limited (PDL), among others. The music catalog will be continually expanded, granting all users access at no extra cost.

Image Courtesy: Wynk Music & Dolby Atmos

Edwin Charles Albert, the Head of Content and Partnerships at Airtel Digital, stated, “Our unwavering commitment to delighting customers with the finest remains our primary focus. The collaboration with Dolby seamlessly merges Wynk’s robust attributes – an extensive library, impeccable music delivery – with the unparalleled auditory journey of Dolby Atmos, undoubtedly enriching the user experience. Our pursuit to consistently deliver the ultimate musical encounter is underscored by partnering with pioneering technology.”

Karan Grover, Senior Director of Commercial Partnerships IMEA at Dolby Laboratories said, “Our enthusiasm knows no bounds as we unite with Wynk Music to extend this groundbreaking musical journey to a wider audience, elevating their sonic engagement to unprecedented heights. Dolby Atmos has an unparalleled ability to transport listeners directly into the heart of the song, whether they’re lounging at home or on the move.”

Prashant Dogra, CEO of Phonographic Digital Limited (PDL), stated, “As representatives of over 900 labels across the nation, we are elated to introduce the Dolby Atmos Music experience to Wynk Music. This partnership will bring aficionados closer to the authentic soundscapes envisioned by artists for their admirers.”

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