Wynk Music launches music distribution ecosystem, Wynk Studio

Streaming platform, Wynk Music – owned by Bharti Airtel – has announced a music distribution platform for independent artists. The new ecosystem, titled Wynk Studio, will enable artistes to launch their music, will facilitate industry partnerships and help them monetise their music on a host of platforms. The new music released will also be available on Airtel’s digital products portfolio including Wynk, Airtel Xstream, Airtel Ads, Airtel IQ among others. Additionally, Wynk Studio plans to launch 5,000 independent artists on the platform within the next year. The company announced an investment of Rs 100 crore to promote homegrown talent and increase listenership on Wynk, aiming for a listening base of 100 million users.

In an interview with Mint, Airtel Digital’s chief executive officer Adarsh Nair said, “It’s a win-win for all, the artistes get paid 70% of each stream on any platform, customers get to listen to new, independent music and we as platforms get revenue from revenue share.” He added that Indians, on average, listen to music for about 21 hours per week, compared to the global average of 18 hours.  Additionally, 30% of the most streamed songs on DSPs have been created by independent artistes. These musicians are touted to propel the Indian music industry to Rs 3,000 crore by 2025.

Wynk Studio plans to help artistes with ­-:

Discovery so their new music can reach listeners on Wynk and other streaming platforms.

Monetisation by facilitating music distribution and partnerships in the industry.

Transparency and Data Analytics to help artistes navigate their marketing and distribution strategy with updated data.

Visit Wynk Studio for more details

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