Winamp is transforming the music industry once again

Llama Group has provided an update on the progress of the launch of the new version of the Winamp music platform. The launch will take place globally, with access for artists opening on March 15th, followed by access for audiences around the world on April 15th. The new platform has been in development for two years and aims to revolutionize the relationship between artists and fans while creating new revenue streams for artists.

The new version of Winamp will address the issue of fair compensation for artists, which has been a concern in the music industry since the rise of streaming platforms. The Fanzone, a new feature of the platform, will enable artists to implement subscriptions dedicated to their fans, with custom tiers and prices. Fans will have access to exclusive content in the Fanzone and will be able to directly support their favourite artists.

The new platform will also aggregate all audio content, including music, podcasts, radios, and audiobooks, into a single platform. New versions of the Winamp player will be available for Android, iOS, web browsers, and Windows. The platform will also offer additional services such as digital distribution, copyright management, licensing, and an NFT marketplace with specific Winamp Original contracts.

Fairness is a core principle of the new Winamp, and creators will receive an 85% share of the revenue generated from their fan subscriptions and other revenue streams. The company aims to attract one million artists to the platform.

According to Alexandre Saboundjian, Founder and CEO of Llama Group, “Our goal with Winamp and the Fanzone is to liberate music through the passion of its biggest fans by fuelling the love dedicated fans have for their favourite artists through exclusive content, experiences, and memberships, while empowering artists to bypass industry gatekeepers and create on their own terms.”

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