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Will T-series be the No.1 channel on YouTube?



The clock is ticking. The numbers are soaring. It won’t be long before Indian music label T-series ascends the throne of being the number one channel on YouTube, after it manages to dethrone Pewdiepie, a YouTube channel belonging to Swedish gamer and jokester Felix Kjellberg. 

Music giant T-series, with currently 71,352,213 subscribers in their kitty, began uploading content on the online video streaming platform YouTube in 2011. According to Social Blade, a website that tracks viewership on YouTube, in October 2016, T-series had close to 12 million subscribers.

With a difference of just 1,06,611 subscribers (at the time of writing this article) between T-series and Pewdiepie, T-series has left no stone unturned to over take the latter and claim their right to the throne.  

In a bid to race to the top, T-series recently announced the collaboration between their most popular artist Guru Randhawa and global sensation Pitbull. With the single ‘Slowly Slowly’ T-Series marks its foray into the international music scene. 

The news of this cross-cultural collaboration between the two popular artists comes at an important juncture in the media and entertainment ecosystem, when all eyes are on the Indian music giant T-Series, who is gearing up to be crowned as the ‘World’s no. 1 YouTube Channel’ at any point now. In terms of views, T-Series is already leading with the highest number of views globally. It is probably just a matter of hours before the music label manages to increase its subscriber base and settle the difference with the current number one channel – Pewdiepie. 

Elated by the development, T-Series chairman and managing director, Bhushan Kumar says,

“This is a huge step forward for us in going global, close on the heels of T-Series becoming the most subscribed channel on global video platform like YouTube. I am excited to present the musical collaboration of these two great performers to the world.”

In the other part of the world, Pewdiepie, has been enjoying the top spot on YouTube since 2013. PewDiePie’s most popular video ‘Funny Montage’ has a little over 80 million views. 

(Pic: L to R; Pitbull & Guru Randhawa)

However, as Pewdiepie enjoyed the top spot for a while, he soon got caught up neck-deep in controversies. He received flak for an incident that occurred in September 2017, when he was heard using a racial slur in a rant against an opponent while playing a live-streamed computer game, for which he later apologised. But, earlier in 2017, he had already lost contracts with YouTube and Disney after he made some anti-Semitic comments. He was also blocked on Twitter in 2016 when he joked about having joined the Islamic State group. 

Pewdiepie’s Felix, now, has a task at hand, defending his channel’s premier spot by upping his subscriber count. His competition is against a major music label which has capacity to produce multiple high-quality videos on a daily basis. 

So, take your seats and gear up to watch the top two YouTube channels battling to walk away with the winner’s title.


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