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Will session musicians finally receive royalty for their work?



The International Federation of Musicians (FIM) and Musicians Federation of India (MIF) are jointly organising a seminar to highlight the process of royalty payment to session musicians internationally and in India. The seminar will be held on 2nd and 3rd December 2019 at IMC, Churchgate, Mumbai.

The seminar will be attended by around 25 delegates from the European Union, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Kenya, and other countries.

“In an effort to address these questions, we are bringing representatives of the Government of India, record labels, streaming companies, OTT platforms, International Organizations like WIPO, IFPI, Indian organizations like IPRS, PPL, IMI, ISRA, under one roof,” said Ratish Tagde, President IMF.

Ratish Tagde, President IMF

The International Federation of Musicians is an international organisation for musicians’ unions and similar representative organisations. It has about 70 members in 60 countries throughout the world.
The Federation’s aim is to protect and further the economic, social and artistic interests of musicians represented by its member unions. IFM aims to safeguard the interest of musicians and stakeholders in various segments like streaming, royalties, musicians health, copyrights laws, rights of musicians, problems and many other matters.

IMF aims to protect the right of royalties of musicians, which is provided under the Copyright Law amendment in 2012. Internationally the musicians are ensured of royalty payment but are deprived of it in India.

Ratish explained,

“We expect that the proposed seminar would also engage music professionals from different countries to deliberate on various issues and explain how these issues are being tackled in their respective countries. The initiative may set the tone for commencing discussions on important industry matters.”

John Smith, President, FIM, Rajesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS, Geidy Lung, Senior Counsellor, Copyright law division,
WIPO, Hoshiar Singh, Registar, Indian Copyright Office, Blaise Fernandes, CEO, IMI – India, Sidhhart Roy,
CEO, Hungama – India, Lauri Rechardt, Chief Legal Officer, IFPI, Mandar Thakur, Times Music – India will be
among the ones speaking at the seminar.

The seminar may be a turning point. How successful will IMF be in its efforts has to be seen.

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