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What’s new in your favourite music streaming app?




Generally, music streaming apps are always on the lookout to make their apps more user-friendly, accessible and approachable. Needless to say, these features are attention-grabbing to all consumers. Otherwise, platforms like Gaana, Spotify, JioSaavn, and the latest, Resso would not have gone through multiple upgrades such as introducing lyrics and comments, autoplay mode, games, an online poll to making stories and photo galleries on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s have an in-depth look at what is new in your favorite music streaming app.  Shall we?


Resso, ByteDance’s latest product, looks like it is designed for a new generation of music enthusiasts. Social sharing is the center of Resso’s user experience. Lyrics sharing and the ability to express themselves through user-generated content. The platform empowers users to express, connect and interact with music and artists. The music begins to autoplay as soon as one opens the app. The app will show the lyrics and the video of the selected song and users can share with others as well.



Gaana has launched a first-of-its-kind twenty-four seven online entertainment feed on its app named ‘Buzz’. The in-app content feed would feature the latest mix of entertainment content in the form of stories, articles, videos, photo galleries, online polls, games, and lyrics cards associated with trending and popular artists, albums & movies.

The app has been improved with hassle-free discovery to make it simpler for its users. Users can select their choice of music by taking the help of personalized music feed at search. The smart feed is powered by the Machine Learning models to expose users to varied content in one go. It will filter the content which you have already heard and the ones you haven’t and will suggest you the playlist according to that.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is designed in such a way that it will track the taste of the users and tailor the music listening experience for each of their unique users. The feature will make the accessibility faster and easier as it offers voice search options. The users can search for the song simply by saying the name of the song, singer, movie, lyrics, moods or occasion. The lyrics can be viewed with full-screen players and the font and style can also be changed as per their liking and preference.




After one year of successful completion in India,  Spotify brings an upgrade to its homepage.  The new homepage will greet the users according to the time it is with a refreshed user interface that allows them to quickly jump back into familiar content such as“Good morning” and transitioning into “Good afternoon” and will move to “Good evening” as the daylight wanes.

The new Spotify home page makes it easier to access the app and find the songs that a consumer-like, be it a song which the user has already heard or it’s a brand new discovery. A dedicated space at the top of ‘Home’ lets users access podcasts, playlists or albums. Beneath the recommendations, there will be a space where the user will find the top podcast, made for them playlist, recommendations for the new discoveries based on what the user has been listening to and more.




JioSaavn has introduced a new feature where the users will be getting songs suggestions according to the area they are in.  Users can open the app to see what’s trending in their area, for example, from Kaam Bhari and Divine going around on the streets of Mumbai, to finding Neha Kakkar/Arijit Singh’s dance hits in Delhi. The feature is called the City Module in the app.

Another feature in JioSaavn is the Daily Mixes, in which they create a playlist for its users according to the songs and the artists the users are listening to. The app picks up all the artists and all the genres a person is listening to and creates a unique playlist which is a mixture of all those songs, especially for that one particular person according to his/her choices.

Coming to the new Homepage, in which they have curated a new homepage for its users where they have a huge variety of catalog from which the users can select what exactly they want to listen to.






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