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What’s new in your favourite music streaming app?



The music streaming apps go through an upgrade every now and then that enhances user-experience. In the market of OTTs, the competition is tougher than ever before. Recently, TikTok’s parent company, Bytedance just released a Beta version of Resso, a music streaming app that has multiple new features. Resso brings with it a novelty in the market which clubs user-generated content or short-video content with music streaming. Basically, it fuses music streaming and videos like TikTok in one. Also, it allows users to comment and start a chat under every song which further increases user-content. That said, Resso comes with a trial period of 14 days after which it comes with a subscription fee of INR 119/ month. 


On the other hand, there are many other existing streaming platforms that have gone through an upgrade in the recent past. Some of which are as follows.

YouTube Music

Google has introduced pre-paid plans for YouTube premium and YouTube music premium in India priced at INR 139 for one month and INR 399 for three months. The plan can be renewed after the subscription is over.

YouTube has also introduced three playlists based on user feedback, “Discover Mix,” “Your Mix,” and “New Release Mix.”

Thus, Discover mix is meant to introduce its users to new independent artists they have never heard of or serve up lesser-known tracks from artists you already have in rotation. This playlist is closely related to Spotify’s “Weekly Mix” and has 50 songs that will be updated every Wednesday.

As the name itself suggests, “New Release Mix” focuses on new releases from preferred artists and what YouTube thinks you might like. “Your Mix” is a highly personalised playlist which is a combination of the songs a user likes along with the songs a user hasn’t heard but will probably like.


Discover Mix



Spotify recently announced its first three original podcasts for India. The podcasts focus on different aspects and none of them has a similar thought, thereby providing a variety to the users.

One, Bhaskar Bose, a fictional audio drama series about a chartered accountant who moves from Durgapur (West Bengal) to Mumbai, but finds that his true calling is solving crimes. Voiced by popular TV and radio host Mantra, the detective series will solve the most impossible crimes in his inimitable style, and with some help from a few of his friends.

Two, love and relationship advice-based  Love Aaj Kal by Aastha and Ankit. Friends for decades, the duo tackles the complicated world of love, sex and dating in the 21st century from different perspectives. Every week, the hosts take up one issue, debate, discuss and try and find an answer to the complicated mirage of questions that the new generation faces.

and, Three, the cricket centric ’22 yarns with Gaurav Kapur, delves into the untold stories from the world of cricket. Through interviews with retired cricket greats, analysts, players, and cricket journalists, the show will recount some of the most fascinating cricket stories from India and beyond.

The podcasts went live on the 3rd of December. 



The original podcasts from Gaana come in multiple languages and categories such as Comedy, Bollywood, Devotional, News, Kids, Motivational, Astrology, Business, Lifestyle and Culture and Self-help among others.

Gaana hosts over 3000 different shows and podcasts currently which includes Cyrus Says, The Bhagavad Gita, Stories of Akbar and Birbal, Kadhai Podcast’s PonniyinSelvan and Paisa Vaisa among others. 

Gaana has also announced its partnership with San Francisco based voice dialogue marketing platform instreamatic. This partnership is announced to enable the advertisers to offer interactive voice dialogue ads globally. Through this collaboration, Gaana will be joining Instreamatic’s voice ad exchange for enhanced voice ad monetisation.





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