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We believe in the power of the vibe of the crowd – Lost Stories



The name Lost Stories was just a word play between Rishab Joshi and Prayag Mehta. It does not have a deeper story or a meaning that most of their fans expected them to have. They both wanted a name that was ambiguous yet mystical without conforming them to a particular genre and Lost Stories did just that. From being one of the first Indians to perform at Tomorrowland to breaking into the DJ Mag Top 100 list, Lost Stories have had quite a journey in the last decade. They have shared the stage with some of the giants in the industry like Dash Berlin, Martin Garrix, Gareth Emery, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero and many more.

Music Plus caught up with the duo for a quick chat about their music, inspirations, challenges and more.


MP: When did Lost Stories start making music and who was your childhood influences? Who supported you to get into music?

Prayag- Rishab’s biggest influencer has been his father, Mr. Pankaj Joshi who is a professional keyboardist. Rishab has been observing his father playing the keyboard since his childhood and has learned immensely from him. For me, my biggest influence has been DJ Tiesto. I used to listen to his music in my teen years and aspired to be like him one day. I started making music at 19 only by listening to his tracks on the internet.


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MP: What do you personally consider as your breakthrough moment that made you feel you have arrived on the big stage?

It has been a long journey spanning over a decade and each new release feels like an achievement and a stepping stone to something greater. The first time that we represented India at the world’s biggest festival Tomorrowland and waved our national flag on the stage, was a moment that is etched into our minds forever. Also, our remix for Alan Walker’s Faded garnered global attention and support and is one of our breakthrough projects. It cemented our place as producers on the global music map.



MP: What are the challenges that you have faced in the past and what are the current challenges that you are facing in the industry?

The challenge in the past was the lack of guidance to learn the ropes of the music industry and music production. We have learned everything we know with trials and errors, errors taking precedence at times. That is one of the biggest reasons we launched Lost Stories Academy as we now want to help and guide aspiring music producers and DJs of India. The current challenge will be the hectic schedule we have due to the continuous shows that we are booked for but we would not want to have it any other way.




MP: What makes you decide to play a particular track during your sets? Do you pre-plan? Or is it a mix of planning and instincts?

It is certainly a mix of planning and instincts coupled with the years of experience we have as DJs. We have traveled to innumerable colleges, cities, clubs, and festivals to perform and that has given us a deeper understanding of what the crowd needs. We believe in the power of the vibe of the crowd and that is one of the most important compasses for the set to take its direction.


MP: How is it to perform as a duo? Are you always on the same page? Is it easy to match the wavelength or does it get difficult at times?

We have been in this partnership for more than a decade and we understand each other’s wavelengths. We perform together as a duo for bigger festivals. But, due to a large number of booking requests, we mostly perform solo as Lost Stories in different cities, sometimes on the same date. As individuals we respect each other’s musical sensibilities, making it easier for us to perform together, whenever we do so.


MP: How do you see the Indian electronic music space evolving vis-à-vis the global industry?

The global electronic music space is much more enterprising and dynamic compared to the Indian EDM space. It could be said that we are half way there. Having said that we need a lot more participation and support from within India for the Indian electronic music space to reach a higher pedestal. But, the growth we have seen in the last decade is exponential and we are certain that the future will be brighter.




MP: Is there a difference playing for the Indian audience in comparison to Europe? Do you think they are more into electronic music? Does that make it easier for you guys to experiment more?

Indian audiences have evolved and are abreast with all the latest tracks and sounds. We thoroughly enjoy playing for Indian crowds as the energy that they have is irreplaceable. We experiment more while playing for Indian audiences as they are more receptive to changes and fresher ideas.


MP: What can the audience expect from you in the near future? Any new releases?

We are currently working relentlessly in the studio to fill up the pipeline with a lot of original tracks. The new originals will be challenging the stipulated molds of Indian EDM. We are sure that our fans are going to love our new ideas. We are also working on a brand new live set, which will be a cutting edge experience for the audiences. Our next release is slated for June 2019. It is a big track that we have been working on, since some time now.

Lost Stories will be performing today at the VH1 Listen, live on their Facebook page from 4.30 p.m.


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