Warner Music India teams up with Swiggy to offer a unique food ordering experience with music

A woman ordering food on her phone while looking at a menu

Warner Music India has teamed up with Swiggy, India’s leading food delivery platform, for an exciting collaboration aimed at enhancing the food ordering journey through the power of music. In a groundbreaking partnership facilitated by Global Creators Network (GCN), a branded content vertical of OML Entertainment, Swiggy users were treated to a unique and engaging experience while enjoying their favorite meals.

Starting from May 5th to May 7th, Swiggy introduced a captivating feature where users could order their preferred food while immersing themselves in the latest single by the renowned artist Ed Sheeran. The song titled ‘Eyes Closed’ from his album ‘Subtract’ played as customers eagerly awaited their deliveries, adding a whole new dimension to their food ordering experience.

As part of the marketing strategy, Swiggy revamped its homepage and food delivery page, incorporating the beloved ‘Big Blue Monster’ from the music video of “Eyes Closed.” This iconic blue-eyed creature, symbolizing Ed Sheeran’s emotions and grief, has gained immense popularity worldwide. With the monster depicted as a skateboard-riding delivery person within the Swiggy app, users felt a deeper connection with both the music and their food.

GCN expressed their enthusiasm for this innovative collaboration, stating, “By integrating the ‘Eyes Closed’ experience into the app, including the redesign of the homepage and the use of the blue monster eyes as an icon, our goal was to enhance engagement, reach, and alleviate users’ boredom while waiting for their meals, all while they immersed themselves in Ed Sheeran’s captivating music.”

Global Creators Network aims to foster synergy between brands and content creators in the digital space, unlocking their full potential and empowering them to connect with fans and build communities. Through this partnership, Swiggy users were not only treated to a glimpse of the blue monster from May 5th to May 7th but also had the opportunity to deeply connect with Ed Sheeran’s heartfelt expression of his adult life.

Devarshi Shah, Senior Vice President & Business Head of Global Creators Network (OML), shared his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “Our focus at Global Creators Network is to promote interaction and innovation, enabling both the audience and the brand to experience a fresh perspective. The collaboration between Swiggy and Warner Music India offers an unparalleled experience that beautifully captures the intense emotions conveyed in the music. This engagement not only encouraged users to visit the Swiggy app and place an order but also significantly increased the viewership of Ed Sheeran’s recent hit, ‘Eyes Closed,’ from his latest album ‘Subtract,’ which is out now globally.”

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