Warner Music India takes the lead on IMI, Spotify and YouTube charts

Warner Music India has made a profound impact on the music industry, reaching the top position on the IMI, Spotify, and YouTube charts through its remarkable catalogue of songs.

This remarkable achievement has propelled the company towards its ambitious goal of becoming one of the top three music labels in the country within a mere three years of its inception in the country.

FIFTY FIFTY, the globally recognized K-pop girl band, has captivated a vast audience with their chart-topping hit “Cupid,” establishing an indomitable presence atop both the IMI Charts and the YouTube India charts. Meanwhile, the Bhojpuri track “Piyar Farak Wali” by Pawan Singh continues to dominate the YouTube India charts, showcasing the immense popularity of regional music.

Singer and songwriter King has claimed the top spot on the Spotify charts with his track, “Mann Meri Jaan.” The track has maintained its position on the charts for an impressive 200 days and counting. Moreover, King’s international collaboration with Nick Jonas on the track “Afterlife” has transcended borders, amassing a dedicated global fanbase for the artist.

Since its launch in March 2020, Warner Music India has been making remarkable strides within the dynamic and fiercely competitive Indian music industry. Through strategic alliances with Global Music Junction, Sky Digital, Tips Music, Ziiki Media, and the acquisition of Divo India, the label has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with.

Expressing his excitement over this milestone, Jay Mehta, the Managing Director of Warner Music India, shared, “From the very beginning, our vision has been to foster local talent, elevate emerging artists, and transform them into household names. We are determined to break through geographical barriers and captivate music lovers across the nation, all while striving to become one of India’s top three music labels. It is truly exhilarating to witness our diverse range of music genres and languages dominate the charts. This achievement is a testament to the extraordinary talent of our musicians and reinforces our unwavering confidence in Warner Music India’s upward trajectory.”

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