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Universal Music teams up with Dolby Atmos allowing artists to create 3D soundscapes



Dolby and Universal Music Group announced that they will release ‘thousands of songs’ from the music label in the Dolby Atmos Music format.

The partnership will see several of UMG’s studios outfitted with support for Dolby Atmos Music. Dolby says the Atmos platform allows artists and producers to create 3D soundscapes using an object-based mixing environment.

“Instead of mixing and producing music to speakers, we are doing it to [physical] space,” said Michael Frey, UMG’s president of operations, global studios and technologies. “And then if we want, we can actually move it around through space. The heart of what we’re trying to bring to life is a much bigger palette.”

UMG is working to remix thousands of songs in its catalog, transforming them using Dolby Atmos technology. Artists from hip-hop, pop, rock, jazz, and classical music are all getting the immersive treatment.

“You can personalize the experience by just walking around the room and positioning yourself,” said Samuel Lindley, UMG’s senior vp indie distribution strategy who has written and produced songs for artists including Mariah Carey, Ludacris and Twista under the alias The Legendary Traxster. “The idea from a creative standpoint is that it allows us to tell our stories in ways that we’ve never been able to before.”

Dolby Atmos integrations

Dolby Atmos Music empowers artists and producers to create three-dimensional soundscapes in an object-based mixing environment, allowing them to fill the room with instruments and vocals giving songs space, clarity, and depth like never before.

“Because you’re building to space and because you’re not building to speakers, you can get this experience from one speaker, from a mobile device all the way to…[however] many speakers you want,” said Todd Pendleton, Dolby Laboratoriers’ chief marketing officer and senior vice president. “It’s literally built the space into the experience.”

Dolby Atmos is integrated at UMG’s iconic studios, including, Capitol Records Studios in Hollywood, Abbey Road Studios in London, and Berry Hill Studios in Nashville. UMG labels around the world are all working on creating immersive music content in Dolby Atmos.



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