Universal Music Group partners with BandLab Technologies to safeguard artists’ rights

Universal Music Group (UMG) has announced a strategic partnership with BandLab Technologies, a digital music company. The primary objective of this collaboration is to safeguard the rights of artists and songwriters in light of the increasing utilization of artificial intelligence in the music industry.

In a move that underscores the label’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by generative AI, UMG joins forces with BandLab Technologies. Generative AI technology enables internet users to replicate artists’ voices, often without their permission, and has raised significant concerns in the music world.

“This is more crucial than ever, given the growing prominence of AI in the realm of music creation tools,” stated Michael Nash, Universal Music’s Chief Digital Officer.

Universal Music has been actively exploring the integration of AI into the music landscape. In August, the label partnered with Alphabet-owned YouTube to create an incubator aimed at investigating the applications of AI in music. This venture involves collaboration with Universal artists such as composer Max Richter and rapper Yo Gotti.

Universal Music’s commitment to addressing the AI-related challenges extends beyond its own interests. The label has previously announced its collaboration with 140 other organizations in the creative industries to assist policymakers worldwide in developing guidelines for the responsible use of AI in the service of creators.

Universal Music has already harnessed AI for various purposes, including audience identification, production optimization, and the enhancement of music quality, including immersive sound experiences.

BandLab Technologies, the label’s partner in this endeavor, is known for its ownership of the BandLab cloud music platform, where musicians can come together to create and share their music.

The collaboration between Universal Music and BandLab Technologies signifies a significant step in the ongoing effort to protect the integrity and creativity of artists and songwriters in the face of the expanding influence of artificial intelligence in music creation.

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