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Understanding the significance of body language for Singers



When watching an artist, the audiences will put their faith in a singer who projects passion, confidence and enthusiasm. These traits can be embedded in your persona after practicing the right tips and techniques. It is actually quite simple – when a singer feels brave and confident, the vocal pitch and amplitude are significantly more varied, allowing a singer to sound more expressive yet relaxed. On the contrary, when a singer fearfully holds back – it leads to contracting of vocal chords and strangling the genuine enthusiasm.

Remember when you see someone singing who has a stage fright, the muscles that produce sound seize, causing the voice to come out thin and tight – almost nothing like what is imagined in the head. This produces the body language signals that the audience reads into. The audience reads into our body language like facial impressions, postures and movements. If your body signals a harmony, the audience will see your positive and confident self, and listening to you will make an enthralling experience.

Not that technical mastery isn’t important, but it is not enough to move the audience. A principle singer goes beyond technical perfection and unites with the music. This reflects in the body language which is open and expansive; the openness resonates with the audience. In nutshell, the thoughts and feelings shape our body language that eventually speaks to others. This allows our inner feelings to communicate with others without the artist uttering a word.

Imagine, what happens to an artist when her body rocks into a defensive, fearful or hypervigilant state? This immediately creates a vicious circle filled with anxiety, stress, fear and self-doubt. The body language blocks the audience and makes an adverse impression. So the verdict is our body language that includes facial expressions, postures, and breathing – all affect the response we get from others and simultaneously the inner joy we feel as a result.

Using the body to get personal power by controlling the messages the body sends to the brain. Through self-nudges and a small tweak in body language, you can remove any barrier of judgment, walls or mask with the audience to create a connection. You will radiate love and enjoy what you do for your people.

Understanding the significance of body language for singers

As a firm believer of the famous assertion, ‘I don’t sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing‘. Such is the power of body language. So the question arises. Can an artist use his/her body – through postures, gestures and movements to embrace their personal power when they need it? Or to say can we pose our way to creating a better response? The answer is yes!

First and foremost, I would recommend you to ensure that you expand your body through your posture, movement and speech. That will make you look confident and maintain a connection with your listeners. Avoid shrinking and occupying less space, this will signal restrain in your mind, blocking your energy and resulting in an uptight performance. On the contrary, expanding your body language will make you think about yourself in a positive light; it will clear your head, making space for creativity cognitive persistence and abstract thinking.

Before walking into a concert always stretch your arms and legs. By taking enough space to comfortably take a moment before making your way to the stage, you are telling yourself that you are powerful from within. You have got what it takes to bring your authentic self to your performance. You will feel the throat muscles relaxing and your voice coming to its natural level. 

During the interaction with your audience, adopt open gestures like outstretch of your arms with palms up. This will project your welcoming and open self, and signal trust. If space allows, take a few steps, then pause in one spot as you continue performing, don’t pace. Pacing looks nervous. The movement should be clear and defined. If you have made a mistake, don’t allow yourself to collapse inwards. If you feel yourself beginning to collapse, fight it. Pull your shoulders back. Unfurl and power up. These are just some examples of poses that you could combine in your daily routines, seize other social opportunities such as going to gym, running, dancing, to grow! 

These tiny tweaks can lead to big change in enforcing a positive body-mind connection. Practice these poses before your next show and make your way to a move confident world of influence. Let your body language bring you to the present and govern the way other people perceive you and how you perceive yourselves. That is indeed yours for the taking!

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