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Underground Authority releases new single on the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar


While the entire world is dancing to songs about love, sex and breakups, Kolkata-based rap-rock band Underground Authority releases a new single Boatman on the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar. The music video was released on 11 November 2017 on their YouTube channel.

When asked what made them write a song about this controversy, the members of Underground Authority said they have always been very vocal about issues disturbing us as individuals.

“Whether it’s our live concerts or our social media platforms through which we communicate with fans regularly, as an artist, we have never kept silent. The killing of any human being is a crime, and when it’s done systematically for any reason, it becomes a genocide that needs to be stopped. We don’t know how much difference our songs can make to today’s society, but we shall always speak up for what is right. Musicians must use their voices for the betterment of the society,” declares the members of the band.

Underground Authority represents their music as protest poetry. Is there always a conscious effort to oppose the wrongdoings happening around us?

“Yes. Of course. Rap music was formed primarily to oppose the torture of poor people. This holds true for several other genres of music too. We must protest what is wrong, we must not be silent. That is the power of the microphone, the power of the pen, and the power of social media. Reach out if you see a crime, don’t stay silent and be a part of it,” says Srinivasan Iyer (Rapper/Vocalist).

Check out the music video:

Underground Authority, the popular rap-rock band got their rise of fame on the sets of India’s Got Talent’s second season, when superstar Salman Khan offered them a deal to remake the album of Dabaang in their own signature style.

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