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UMG artists to use Artificial Intelligence to expand their global reach


Universal Music Group (UMG) and the artificial intelligence-based programming company Super Hi-Fi have entered a strategic partnership.

This partnership will provide UMG artists with AI-enabled tools to engage with their fans.

The companies will work together to introduce Super Hi-Fi’s powerful Artificial Intelligence tech to UMG’s partners across the globe. This will help in co-developing new ways to enhance and promote UMG artists and music. UMG will advise and support new product development initiatives and help Super Hi-Fi attract new business relationships.

“Universal Music is constantly focused on leveraging technology to provide new experiences to music fans around the world,” said UMG executive VP digital strategy Michael Nash. “We’re excited about the kind of in-stream audio enhancements made possible by Super Hi-Fi, which can help artists deepen connections with fans and drive longer-term engagement for digital music services.”

Super Hi-Fi’s AI technology gives digital music services the ability to deliver enhanced listening experiences, including human-level song transitions, precise crossfades, sonic leveling, truly gapless playback, audio branding, audio ad-stitching and other voice-based audio solutions such as artist and track information and audio news headlines. The company’s stated mission is to fill the silent space between songs with “personalised content” for listeners.

“With the shift to smart speakers and voice-controlled experiences comes a completely anonymous listening experience with no visual interface and no visual branding,” said Super Hi-Fi co-founder John Bolton in a statement. “Super Hi-Fi’s AI-powered technologies create compelling, branded audio and production-quality experiences, both of which are critical needs for music experience providers to stay competitive.”

Recently, Universal Music Group (UMG) announced the appointment of Calvin Wong to the newly created position of CEO, Southeast Asia & SVP, Asia.


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