TuneCore announces Unlimited Release Pricing, including free distribution for new artists

TuneCore, the independent digital music distributor for self-releasing artists, has announced a slate of new ‘Unlimited Release Pricing Plans’. Since its inception, TuneCore, a division of global digital music company Believe, has democratised access to music distribution for self-releasing artists by introducing the first flat fee, pay-per-release distribution model on the market.

“We’ve spent a year speaking directly to artists and labels about how we can make our service better for them,” said Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore. “What emerged is, artists want to be able to test their new music for free before distributing to all services and they want to release the music they are creating instantly, regularly, and seamlessly with one annual subscription enabling unlimited music distribution. TuneCore’s new program gives self-releasing artists at any stage of their careers the freedom to choose the plan that works best for them, while maintaining the high quality of service TuneCore is known for. With TuneCore Unlimited, artists pay less and earn more.”

Vivek Raina, Managing Director, Believe India added, “In a constantly evolving music industry, our goal continues to support all artists, at all stages of their career and with the new Unlimited Pricing model, it allows us to further our mission at the local level, in the best possible way and help them to grow their careers independently.”

Free Plan

With this option, artists are able to get their music directly into the music libraries of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and start making money right away, as they crowdsource the music’s popularity directly with fans. As they move through their careers, artists will be able to upgrade their plan to better meet their evolving needs as they grow.

Unlimited Plans

TuneCore’s new Unlimited program includes four plans

  • The New Artist Plan

Available for free, this is is a unique one-stop solution on the market that empowers unlimited release of songs to the music libraries of social media platforms to facilitate discovery and virality on key social media platforms with no upfront fee and paying out 80% of what is collected to the artist. The first-of-its-kind plan is great for artists who are just starting out, giving them the ability to make money while experimenting and testing their music.

  • The Rising Artist Plan

Priced at Rs 999 per year, this is among the most affordable unlimited distribution plans on the market. It includes everything from the New Artist plan plus Unlimited release distribution to 150+ streaming and store partners, while continuing to pay artists 100% of revenue. This plan also includes access to pre-schedule all release dates, official verification on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as artist support response time within 72 hours.

  • The Breakout Artist Plan

Priced at Rs 1,999 per year, this plan includes everything from the New Artist and Rising Artist plans plus free access to Automator (automatically including your release in all streaming and digital stores that will be available in the future), downloadable reporting and artist support response time within 48 hours.

  • The Professional Plan

Priced at Rs 3,999 per year, this plan is designed for labels, managers and artists who are more advanced in their careers and would benefit from more sophisticated release features. It includes everything from the other three plans plus premium sales reporting, use of your own UPC and a custom label name, access to select country restrictions, exclusive partnerships, and promotional opportunities. This plan also gives the ability to add additional artist profiles (for Rs 999/artist per year) and the fastest artist support response time, within 24 hours.

Heena Kriplani, Head of TuneCore, South Asia explained, “One of our biggest strengths is the relationship and subsequent conversations we have with artists. We see the changing ecosystem and make sure we adapt. The Unlimited Pricing model is that once-a-year payment solution that enables and encourages artists to maximise their releases, creating new opportunities to engage with fans and fuel music discovery across Digital music and social platforms.”

TuneCore artist, Nikhita Gandhi, said, “TuneCore has always been my preferred distribution partner. What stands out about them is their dependability and their willingness to adapt to artist needs. To me it’s heartening to see that a conversation with TuneCore can result in a change in format, all focused on the betterment of an artist. I’m thrilled that with this more affordable model, my fellow artists can also benefit from all that TuneCore offers.”

Additionally, even those sensitive to pricing can begin with the New Artist free plan or the Rising Artist plan to experience TuneCore’s expertise in independent distribution and become eligible for upstream into Believe Label & Artist Solutions or Believe Artists Services divisions’ ‘Signed By’ program which has benefited over 400 TuneCore artists globally.

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