TuneCore releases inaugural Accelerator Report demonstrating artist growth

TuneCore, a prominent partner for independent artists, and owned by Believe, a leading digital music company, has unveiled the inaugural TuneCore Accelerator Report. The report highlights the enhanced exposure and expansion achieved by self-releasing artists through TuneCore’s Accelerator program.

TuneCore Accelerator is an initiative aiding artists in discovering new audiences and fostering fan engagement at various stages of their development. The program utilizes TuneCore’s promotional teams, marketing initiatives, and innovative products to drive music discovery, build audiences, and encourage deeper fan connections. The program is divided into four tailored plans catering to artists at different career stages:

  1. START: Early development stage (tracks with <1,000 streams per year) – Aids artists in finding their initial listeners.
  2. AMPLIFY: Emerging development stage (tracks with 1,000 – 9,999 streams per year) – Focuses on building artist discovery and listener engagement.
  3. BREAK: Accelerating development stage (tracks with 10,000 – 99,999 streams per year) – Elevates artists to break and accelerate their fan exposure.
  4. MAXIMIZE: Top development stage (tracks with 100,000 – 1M+ streams per year) – Optimizes catalogs for artists with substantial audience reach to deepen fandom and maximize exposure.

Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore, explained, “TuneCore Accelerator was created to address the growing need of self-releasing artists to find and develop their audiences, especially in the early phases of their careers.” The report shows that the program has already assisted tens of thousands of artists in gaining new listeners, with 1 in 8 artists advancing to a higher development segment within the first quarter since the program’s launch.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Over 80,000 independent artists are enrolled in TuneCore Accelerator marketing programs across multiple DSPs.
  • In the first quarter post-launch, nearly 10,000 artists increased their streams by an average of 143%, moving to a higher development segment.
  • The “Start” segment experienced significant growth, with 5,600 artists advancing to a higher segment due to an average 561% increase in streams.
  • All plans increased artist discoverability, with Hip-Hop and Latin tracks experiencing notable additional streams.
  • Country and Latin genres exhibited the highest total streaming growth, each with an overall growth rate above 30% quarter over quarter.
  • The US, Brazil, LATAM (excluding Brazil), and India showed impressive streaming growth rates, ranging from 16% to 37% quarter over quarter.

TuneCore plans to expand the TuneCore Accelerator in the coming months, aligning with the company’s vision to be a technology-based artist development platform offering diverse resources for independent artists to advance their careers. The full TuneCore Accelerator Report is available here.

*Total streaming growth across DSP platforms where TuneCore Accelerator is actively running campaigns.

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