TuneCore Launches Social Platforms to accelerate monetisation

Digital music distributor TuneCore – owned by global digital music company Believe – has introduced distribution to social media platforms. The initiative allows music to be uploaded to social media as a pre-step to releasing music to streaming and download platforms.

“In the past few years, social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have become the first stage for music discovery, providing a new way for music creators to start building audiences and accelerate discovery and virality,” said Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore in a statement. “With the launch of distribution to Social Platforms, TuneCore is offering a one-stop solution for artists to release and monetise their music on key social media platforms with no-upfront fee to provide an easily accessible launchpad for creators.”

Now creators can distribute their music directly into the music libraries of social media networks including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Reels. As of now, there is no fee for the new service, instead TuneCore will receive a small share of revenues generated.

Gleeson added, “With social media, there are no gatekeepers, the fans decide what they like and what goes viral. As fan behaviour and music discovery changes, artists need to pivot as well. TuneCore is not only enabling indie artists to connect with fans, and viral moments, we’re helping them to monetise those interactions.”

With TuneCore Social Platforms, creators are able to test an unlimited number of songs for no upfront fee. As songs gain traction, creators can, with just a few clicks, distribute their music through TuneCore, where standard fees apply, to over 150 stores and streaming platforms worldwide.

TuneCore Music Distribution services help artists, labels and managers sell their music through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TikTok, Tencent and more than 150 download and streaming stores worldwide, while retaining 100% of their sales revenue and rights for a low annual flat fee.

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration, worldwide royalty collections, and placement opportunities in film, TV, commercials, video games and more.

The TuneCore Artist Services portal offers a suite of tools and services that enable artists to promote their craft, connect with fans, and get their music heard. TuneCore, part of Believe, is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, and Austin, and operates globally through local teams based in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Japan and Singapore across five continents.

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