TuneCore introduces split royalty payments

TuneCore, a digital music distributor for self-releasing artists and a division of the global digital music company Believe, has recently launched a new feature called Splits.

With royalty splits, TuneCore artists can split their royalty payments from their streaming and download revenue between all collaborators on any track or album. The company claims that all artists subscribed to their paid unlimited release plan are automatically eligible to utilize royalty splits. Those who utilize TuneCore’s free New Artist plan can access splits for INR 599 a year through the Splits Collaborator add-on. TuneCore will not take any royalty commission from their streaming and download revenue.

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According to Andreea Gleeson, the CEO of TuneCore, the goal of the company is to make artists’ lives easier so they can focus on making music. She states that for years, self-releasing artists have been required to take on additional support roles to sustain their artistic endeavours. By offering royalty splits, TuneCore artists can now spend less time being accountants and more time making great music.

Through royalty splits, TuneCore also offers price-sensitive creators a means to facilitate collaboration. They can now offer featured artists a share of streaming and download revenue instead of paying an advance fee. This decreases the upfront financial barriers that could otherwise block collaboration.

TuneCore will provide automatic payouts to collaborators as well as full visibility into payout details. With this new feature, TuneCore hopes to better serve the self-releasing artist community and continue to facilitate seamless collaboration between music creators.

Visit TuneCore’s website by clicking here.

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