TuneCore announces second artist grant in India, spotlighting Punjabi music

TuneCore, a digital music distribution, publishing and licensing service, has just announced its second artist grant for artists based in India. This year, the grant is specifically for Punjabi music creators. The TuneCore Grant offers a cash prize of INR 100,000 to one selected artist.

Artists who want to apply need to submit their singles, which will be reviewed by a panel of music industry experts. The judges include Padmanabhan NS from Spotify, Rumpa Banerjee from the Indian Performing Rights Society, Atul Churamani from Turnkey Music and Publishing, Satvinder Kohli (known as Sonu Paaji) from Speed Records Entertainment in Punjab, Sonali Singh from Ripple Effect Studios, and Heena Kriplani, the Head of TuneCore in South Asia.

Tash Shah, the Vice President of TuneCore International, said, “India has a wealth of talented independent artists, and through the TuneCore Grant, we aim to provide financial support to help these artists create inspiring music that resonates with audiences worldwide. India’s diverse music talent is truly inspiring, and TuneCore is proud to highlight and celebrate talent from all of India’s regional music markets.”

Heena Kriplani, Head of TuneCore in South Asia, said, “With this second edition of the TuneCore Grant, we want to focus on showcasing the importance and relevance of regional music in India. India is a diverse country, and TuneCore is committed to supporting musicians who choose to sing in their preferred language. We’re excited to fund this new grant and show our support for independent artists.”

Last year, TuneCore introduced its Unlimited pricing structure, allowing artists to release an unlimited number of singles and albums for a single annual fee. This program gives artists more freedom to create and experiment with their music. TuneCore also introduced Splits, making it easier for artists to collaborate and split royalty payments from their music.

The TuneCore Grant Punjab is the first in a series of grants that will focus on different regions of India, including Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, and more. The goal is to showcase the diverse musical talent of India on a global stage.

Panelist Sonali Singh expressed her excitement, saying, “India has an immense pool of musical talent, and TuneCore is giving local independent musicians a chance to shine. We believe that India will play a significant role in the future of music, with Punjabi music creators contributing greatly to the nation’s music scene.”

Panelist Satvinder Kohli also added, “Punjabi music has gained global recognition, and I’m delighted to support the TuneCore Grant, offering opportunities to Punjabi artists. Independent artists in Punjab, India, and around the world are changing the global music landscape, and this opportunity will encourage young talent to pursue their dreams.”

Artists can find more details about how to apply for the TuneCore Grant Punjab on TuneCore India’s Instagram channel. To be eligible, they need to submit an original Punjabi single in any genre.

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