Triller announces web3 digital entertainment platform Metaverz

Triller, an AI-powered creator platform is venturing into the metaverse. The American company announced their latest venture, the Metaverz, an integrated digital, technology, media, and entertainment platform.

“We are extremely excited to debut the Metaverz and open up direct access to creators from all corners of the world,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Triller in a public statement. “We are committed to expanding offerings for our users, creators, and businesses, and entering the metaverse strategically positions Triller is at the forefront of several compelling trends including Web3 and decentralisation. We are now on the frontline of the future of creator content – from NFT-backed collectibles and memorabilia to virtual concerts to gaming and shopping, the Metaverz ecosystem will be groundbreaking.”

With north of $100 million in metaverse investment value, Triller’s Metaverz will operate at the intersection of music, sports, gaming, and live events. As declared by the company, the Metaverz  will allow creators to monetise their connections like never before, with engagements as high as 73% versus 1% on other platforms.

“Triller’s Metaverz underscores its commitment to empower creators everywhere to maximise their relationships with their fans, while developing powerful tools to connect brands and creators,” said de Silva. “Triller is breaking the mould of the closed garden networks, and the Metaverzwill continue to pave the way for Triller as the leading creator platform, facilitating commerce and maximising audience reach.”

Launched in 2019, Triller became popular in India after Tik Tok got banned which allowed other homegrown and international apps to gain a strong foothold in the country’s creator market. The company reportedly raised $310 million equity funding from Global Emerging Markets (GEM), a Luxembourg-based private alternative investment group.

Click here to see a preview of Metaverz

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