Tribemama Marykali: Embracing cultural diversity and authenticity in music

In a world where music genres often find themselves confined within rigid boundaries, Tribemama Marykali stands out as an artist who fearlessly blends diverse cultural influences to create a unique and captivating sound. With a fusion of Indian classical music, Afro-reggae beats, and a touch of her own artistic flair, Tribemama Marykali has carved her own path in the music industry. In an exclusive interview, she shared her inspirations, upbringing, openness with fans, and her approach to navigating the expectations of different audiences and music critics.

For Tribemama Marykali, her musical journey is an extension of her personality and a reflection of her multicultural identity. When asked about the specific experience that inspired her to incorporate different styles into her music, she responded, “My music is an integral part of my cultural upbringing. It’s not just one moment; it’s many moments and experiences weaved together.” Her diverse background and upbringing in Nigeria and Australia have played a significant role in shaping her artistic style. She proudly embraces her roots in Kerala and believes that it makes her a unique and special individual, regardless of where she travels in the world.

When creating visuals, Tribemama Marykali taps into the emotions and feelings she experiences while making music. Her approach to visual art is intertwined with her music, creating a holistic experience for her audience. She emphasizes the importance of embracing her individuality as a brown woman from Kerala and appreciates both the similarities and differences in her cultural background.

With a significant following on social media, Tribemama Marykali has built a community of fans who appreciate her authenticity and personal storytelling. She believes in being real and wholesome, sharing personal stories and experiences with her followers. “It’s all about love, and that’s all there is to it,” she explains. Her openness with her fans creates a healthy and inclusive space where they can connect through music and authenticity. Tribemama Marykali considers her social media community as a group brought together by a mutual affinity for music and a genuine appreciation for each other’s stories.

Tribemama Marykali’s music has been described as a fusion of different genres and styles, which naturally invites varying expectations from different audiences and music critics. However, she remains grounded in her purpose as an artist. She aims to touch people’s lives, make them feel valued, and cherish the existence we all share. “It’s the journey that really matters; the goal or destination comes after that,” she wisely states. Tribemama Marykali’s focus on spreading love and connecting with her listeners transcends any external opinions or expectations.

Watch the video here featuring Tribemama as part of Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey’s ‘Crossover Conversations’ video series that features homegrown, emerging artists and their disruptive stories.

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