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TM Ventures organises vaccination drive for music industry professionals


Since last year the COVID-19 pandemic has almost brought the global entertainment industry to a standstill. With repeated lockdowns in place to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus, financial concerns, and job losses top the list of anxieties for almost all. Working from home is not the same as being out on the field especially for music industry professionals.

As the industry negotiates through these tense and uncertain times, it is becoming extremely difficult to plan or take business decisions through virtual meetings. Though helpful, these virtual meetings can’t produce the same brain storming sessions or decision taking discussions as in person meetings. The economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on financial institutions and vulnerable industries has been enormous. The music industry and live entertainment have been adversely impacted by the pandemic.

Reeling under a near complete lockdown, the Live Music Events Industry stands to lose billions in revenue due the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Industry experts and financial analysts. This makes it imperative for the offices to reopen and work to resume like earlier.

But this comes with its list of concerns. With Covid-19 being highly transferable, the health Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) is of paramount importance. With the nation becoming a hotspot of the pandemic, social distancing and regular sanitisation have to be followed. Along with this vaccinating the large population is important. The vaccine will help us achieve two things, it will further bring down the mortality, and secondly, it will bring down the number of cases.

The government and health care workers have being working tirelessly to achieve this goal. The private health care sector has being roped in and they have been organising vaccination drives at various offices across the city.

TM Ventures recently organised a vaccination camp at its office premises. The initiative in partnership with Surya Hospitals was to ensure that employees and their communities have access to COVID-19 vaccination.

As part of the drive by TM Ventures, more than 600 people within the music industry including various employees, artistes, musicians, technicians, associates and their families were vaccinated.

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