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Times Music collaborates with Speed Records



Times Music, one of India’s foremost record label and music publisher have joined hands with Speed Records, the foremost music label in Punjab, to offer their audience a wider choice of music and help grow the Punjabi music genre across India and in global markets.

Music Plus reached out to Times Music COO Mandar Thakur where he said, “Times Music’s legacy has been, break great music, great songs and working with great artists. With the same spirit we have collaborated with Speed Records to bring in some monster Punjabi hits to the national and global audiences. Punjabi Music and its culture have an intense vibrancy that is reflected in the artists and music coming out of the region today and is fast becoming a massive cultural choice for most younger consumers, even to Bollywood.”

Speed Records’ YouTube channel, with the help of its partnership with Times Music has now crossed 10 million subscribers. Times Music and Speed Records jointly have flourished in increasing viewership and subscriber bases with their offerings of quality music videos, and effectively promoting their content and artists across various formats. The efforts have resulted in it becoming the No.1 Punjabi music channel on YouTube, and the only regional Indian music channel on YouTube with 10M plus subscribers from across the globe.

“We are delighted to work with the incredibly talented team of Speed Records and the achievement of crossing 10 million subscribers on YouTube reflects that, as the first ever regional channel to achieve such a feat.” Mandar added on this achievement

Since its inception in 2004, Speed Records has been a promising label promoting and publishing world-class Punjabi music by working closely with the finest artists of the Punjabi music Industry. The catalogue offers an expansive range of Punjabi music across different genres and boast of an artist roster that includes all the top-rated Punjabi singers from across the globe.

Times Music is India’s leading music entertainment company and a division of South Asia’s largest media corporation, The Times of India Group. On the label side, Times Music manages one of the most diverse Indian music catalogues with genres spanning across Bollywood, Spiritual, Indie, Pop, Rock & other non-film categories. On the music publishing side, Times Music administers its own catalog in all major international markets.

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