Tiger Baby Records debuts with Ankur Tewari’s lullaby album ‘Aaja Nindiya’

Tiger Baby Records, a newly-launched music label, has just released their first EP titled Aaja Nindiya, which features singer-songwriter Ankur Tewari. As one of the co-founders of the label, Tewari’s EP is not only a debut for the label but also a personal passion project.

Aaja Nindiya – EP -Artwork via Tiger Baby Records

The EP, which contains six tracks, is part of the label’s mission to provide high-quality children’s music in India. According to co-founder Zoya Akhtar, Aaja Nindiya is just the beginning of four upcoming EPs that will contribute to the underserved market of children’s music.

Aaja Nindiya showcases Tewari’s love for children’s music, and he wanted to add a new flavor to the existing cultural heritage of loris in India. With the EP, Tewari aims to transport listeners to a world of sweet dreams through the songs.

The title track, ‘Aaja Nindiya,’ features a blend of different instruments, including a tumbi, a marimba, and a celeste. Aria Nanji’s backing vocals add an extra layer of sensitivity to the song, which perfectly complements Tewari’s voice.

All tracks in the EP are written and composed by Tewari in Hindi, showcasing his signature style of unhurried, mellifluous, and simple music. The tracks incorporate various Indian instruments, and Tewari deliberately avoided overcomplicating the musicality of the work.

Overall, Aaja Nindiya is a well-crafted EP that showcases Tewari’s dedication to children’s music and the label’s commitment to delivering high-quality music. The EP is now available on all streaming platforms.

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