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Over the last 20 years, the World of Music has greatly changed. Beyond the format in which it is recorded on. From tracks to cassettes to CD to Mp3 and Mp4, leads today, to mobiles and music streaming. The music business has evolved into something different and new.

Up until the early 1990’s, people still listened to records. The songs were a product made using large expensive recording studios back then. Most said that records were bought at the store and called the local radio station asking a DJ to play a song worth listening to, which took the music industry to an appearance mode.

Entering the video period around 1993, many record labels had millions spent to produce music videos and to have them played on various music channels, which promoted their latest songs, tours, and performances. People such as Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, and India’s famous Mohammad Rafi have a few of their first hits on records. It makes them a huge part of the history of the music industry even today. The big budgets used to make their videos earned well and grabbed the attention of the public big time.

In 1997, the World of Music was said to be dying due to high expenses on records. But in reality, music did not stop. It was just evolving when cassettes & CDs actually came into existence. Cassettes could effortlessly show the genre of music as easy listening understood what music was to be country, love songs, piano, slow jams, soul, or folk. Looking at CDs, they had love, hip-hop, gangster, rap and old school seen in 2000. Many remixes of classic love songs, folk, clean country, classic rock, singer-songwriter and new jazz with beats were released to. Thus, CDs as a business and music as a product began to grow even more. For sure, it was true that pop – culture in the world of music had already entered and had taken the music industry to an even greater level for production and business. Thus, this called for more reforms.

CD cassette


But still, no one can ever forget about studio 54’s old-time disco and funk music that brings energy to the crowd even today. The world of music thanks singer – Grace Jones for her contribution to the music industry.

Knowing that business has to grow and that there’s a long way for music to go, electronic gadgets such as the music watches and the mp3 and mp4 had entered the market. The music share markets were already on top and singers like Rihanna, Eminem and Beyonce had already made their debut on stage. However, they sold CDs and stage performances in various countries like Russia, Canada, and UAE. Indian singers – Usha Uthup, Kishor Kumar, and Lata Mangeshkar were the brands of the Indian Music Industry, who brought music with peace and serenity, which made the public want to hear them, again and again.



Moving back to the music industry here in 2018, gone are the days of the record store, though a few places such as Barnes & Starbucks still sell CDs with movie stores. Most of the public is now dependent on the latest mode of communication and enjoyment. It is called the internet. Today, there are many websites that allow you to download songs and our smart-phones to allow us to watch music videos online and download for free or also, for a charged amount, that’s reasonable. For digital is the new step to earning and making music. The internet, however, allows streaming, not much like Netflix and Amazon Prime but YouTube does play a huge role in watching videos of songs and more. Furthermore, some labels may have the money and marketing available, but creativity in the field of music too is needed. Like getting a DJ to play something new now and then make it relevant.

Right now, it is the EDM [Electronic Dance Music] that’s pulling 2018 forward. It has gained a strong amount of followers with worldwide sales of around $7.4 billion. The public goes wild for such music.

Writing songs also appeal to more than one style of music. It increases a fan base greatly and brings in the cash needed. Moreover, we are seeing Pop artists writing songs for their fans over EDM music. This puts their music in front of a new fans platform, which other people have not heard of before.

DJ console


Thus, with the growing number of outlets offering free music downloads and videos and the challenge of small budgets to get their music in front of consumers, it’s a question if anyone could earn in the industry well. Though having to do what you love isn’t prohibited when you’re a creative person.

So, where does the future of the music industry lie? It’s hard to say. But all we can say is that music will never- ever be stopped. Play the music and dance till you feel like . After all, there’s always going to be something to jump to.

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