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The present day Gujarati Music Industry



It is safe to say the recent years have been all about the revival of Gujarati films. That being said, Dhollywood is embarking on its own musical journey. In the ever booming and now growing music scene in Dhollywood, films are releasing at the theatres every other Friday. While numerous aspiring musicians move to Mumbai to try their luck in Bollywood, things changed for Music Compsoer, Parth Thakkar,  when he started composing for Gujarati films.

Passionate to compose tracks in his mother tongue, he began composing music for Gujarati films and today Prath is delighted to be a part of the industry. “Gujarati film music has experienced legends in the past with amazing composers such as Avinash Vyas, Gaurang Vyas, Nainesh Jani, Dilip Dholakia to name a few. Today, the music in the industry is commercial and original, yet experimental. Every composer is pouring their heart and soul to give the best since the Gujarati filmmakers are focusing on fresh and original content,” he added.

Parth composed for one of the most successful Gujarati films Bey Yaar, a film that marked the beginning of a transitional phase in commercial Gujarati film music. “I am happy that I was a part of Bey Yaar which actually revived Gujarati Film Industry and then there was no looking back,” Parth exclaimed. “Currently, I am working on my 15th Gujarati film. Film makers in the industry are now open to new ideas and concepts. The only thought that I have while I am composing a song is that it should be relatable, even to a non-Gujarati. The track should find a place on everyone’s favourite playlist.”

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Veterans such as Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, and Lata Mangeshkar among others have been associated with the Gujarati music industry in their careers. Parth has been regularly working with talents from Bollywood. And today, Parth is truly blessed to have got the opportunity to work with remarkable artists, “I am glad that my entire team, from technicians to musicians come from Bollywood to work here. I have been fortunate enough to record with brilliant artists such as Shankar Mahadevan, Armaan Malik, and Shekhar Ravjiani among others,” Parth added.

Unlike Bollywood, the Gujarati music industry is composing great original tracks. Gujarati films and their music have done well at the box office in the past few years. Films such as Gujjubhai The Great, Chhello Divas, Kevi Rite Jaish, and Oxygen, among others, have broken the stereotype associated with Gujarati entertainment industry. From portraying a family that stays in a village, the stories now revolve around youngsters and families in urban setup. Evidently, the music needs to be in sync with the storyline. Thus, the music is a lot more urban-audience friendly.

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This year is turning out to be huge for Gujarati cinema, but there are still a large number of people who do not quite enjoy regional music. The people who are a part of the Gujarati entertainment industry attribute this transformation to the changing socio-economic scenario. “I have received a lot of love from audiences. The only minus point is that there are not enough platforms to play Gujarati Music, be it radio stations or television. Producers have to pay a hefty amount to buy advertisement slots of radio and television to get their songs played. I hope this, too, shall change soon looking at the scenario. It is great that the audiences’ taste and preferences are evolving, now people have started listening to music in regional language.” Parth explained.

Talking about the Indie music scenario in Gujarati music industry, Parth believes there is hope. “The audience in the state as far as I understand love music which is more Bollywood-ish. The idea of accepting Gujarati music in itself is an achievement for most composers and filmmakers,” Path stated.

In the last decade, Gujarati music industry has significantly progressed as the composers continue to work towards creating great music. The day isn’t far when Dhollywood will have it all.

Kashmira Pattni

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