The MVMNT and Nas’ Mass Appeal India release Yungsta, Sez on the Beat’s debut album MEEN

Indian hip hop collective and record label, THE MVMNT announced a partnership with Mass Appeal, the iconic label founded by hip hop legend Nas back in July, 2022 to support Indian hip hop. Now the duo, Yungsta and Sez on the Beat are all set to release their debut album via the label.

MEEN, a collaborative effort by Yungsta and Sez on the Beat, promises to captivate listeners with its introspective lyrics and powerful storytelling. The album aims to be an extraordinary musical experience that delves into the depths of the human psyche. 

Yungsta masterfully weaves together a tale of self-doubt, resilience, and eventual triumph. The recurring motif of water, derived from Yungsta’s zodiac sign, Pisces adds a captivating layer to the album. The protagonist embodies the traits of a Piscean—an emotionally aware lover and dreamer, infusing the music with profound depth and meaning.

Guiding the sonic landscape of MEEN is the producer Sez on the Beat, whose versatile and captivating sounds take listeners on an awe-inspiring journey. Sez’s production provides the perfect backdrop for Yungsta’s storytelling. 

Yungsta shared his creative process and the journey of bringing this album to life. “I have carried the concept and the story of this album with me for a long time,” he revealed. “Collaborating with Sez on the Beat and working with THE MVMT has given me the opportunity to refine the story and define my own unique sound for what I consider my debut studio album. With the invaluable support of Sez and Faizan, I have been able to present the best version of this story and concept.”

Rolling Stone India praises MEEN as a testament to Yungsta’s ability to use sonics to tell stories in an unprecedented way. This concept-driven album represents a significant milestone in Yungsta’s artistic evolution, showcasing his growth as both a lyricist and a musician.

Raga, Ikka, Calm & Encore ABJ from Seedhe Maut, Frappe Ash, and Yashraj have all lent their unique voices to the album, collaborating with the rapper to create an outstanding body of work.

Listen to the full album here.

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