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The Indian Performing Rights Society Limited announces upgrade, unveils “IPRS 2.0”



The copyright society representing the authors, composers, and
publishers of music, The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), announced the implementation of an advanced operating system for copyright societies.

To provide greater control and transparency to its members, IPRS is launching a portal where every member can edit personal information, access the list of his works, request modifications, submit new registrations, view a detailed royalty tracking and history of royalty payments.

Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS, states, 

“The new portal will help eradicate obvious errors that occur due to bad data, wrong IPs, duplicate submissions, etc. We are confident that with the new technology deployment, we can overcome these challenges and offer better value to our members.”

With this considerable investment, using cutting edge technology developed by Canada’s Dataclef, IPRS will provide the highest level of transparency for its members and licensees. With an authoritative database of millions of musical works and unlimited scalable processing capacity, this robust system will provide the best-in-class monetisation capacity for the Society members.

Adding to the occasion, Jeff King, CEO, Dataclef, says, 

“India is an expanding market with great potential for the music industry, it is essential that this growth continues to be supported by a strong Collective Society. We are collaboratively working with IPRS to design a more robust platform from which members can transparently and easily access data, align to the vision defined by IPRS. It is great to see a society actively investing in its staff and infrastructure to ultimately empower its members.”


What is IPRS 2.0?

 IPRS 2.0 includes an upgraded license administration. Strategic deals with leading brands, digital music services, and OTT players have already opened new revenue for its members viz., YouTube, Facebook, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, ALTBalaji, or Ola, to name a few.

“IPRS 2.0 is a momentous step forward in keeping pace with the changing times and bringing about positive change in our members’ lives. Our focus is clear and two-fold; on the one hand we want to bring in greater transparency. On the other hand, we want to leave no stone unturned and leverage every opportunity to ensure our members can reap all benefits possible of their hard work and creative acumen,” said Javed Akhtar, Chairman, IPRS.

With its scalable system, the Society can accurately process quadrillion lines of data and claim royalties across all broadcast and digital platforms.
While IPRS is collecting royalties for Indian and international repertoire in the Indian market, it also collects royalties for Indian musical works used in overseas markets.

This process involves managing various data formats, varied and fluctuating currencies, and intense coordination with Societies across the globe.

Aakanksha Sharma

Author: Aakanksha Sharma

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