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The Indian music industry loses a gem in Samir Bangara, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Qyuki



“Independent music is being promoted on par with film music. Promotions often involve a launch party, a tour, and visits to radio stations in various cities, depending on the budget. The next step is to close deals with the streaming partners which differs by platform. It can be a monetary deal or if the artist is backed by a big label it could be a part of their deal with the label. A good deal would help in getting the right placements of their content on the platforms. This is very critical”

…were the words Samir told us the last time we spoke.


It is a given, through those words, that the man was committed and even hyper when it comes to promoting new music talent. Be it through any digital platform, Samir made sure it reached the right audience and also added the glamour to it.
Samir Bangara died in a road accident on 14th June, he was just was 45 years old.

Samir set up Qyuki, a social platform for creative talent, along with A.R. Rahman and veteran filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. The idea was launched as a digital media network in 2013 with Bangara as the managing director and co-founder.


One of Samir’s closest Friends and a long time associate, Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO, India & South Asia, Universal Music Group, penned a heartfelt note for Samir.

“Samir was my oldest friend in the industry with a friendship spanning a little over 3 decades. We met in our first year of college & have been friends since then. I have witnessed a college kid grow from a young boy to one of the most seasoned professionals in the media & entertainment industry in the region. From his early days as an investment banker to running Indiagames to running digital at Disney as its MD to eventually co-founding Qyuki with Rahman & Shekhar. I have seen him from the outside in the early days but been keenly connected in business since 2012 & the early days of Qyuki.

We co-founded The Dharavi Dream Project, which is our CSR programme & he and I both served as trustees & co-chairs of the trust. We did a bunch of other stuff between our companies & met till the days just before the lockdown dreaming up the next big fun stuff in the intersection of music, socials & influencers, a space both he & I have been part of for a long time. The News of his passing was sudden & impossible to comprehend and the industry will be a lesser place minus Samir. He was the smartest futurist I have known in the digital space and his absence will be almost impossible to fill. It is going to be up to a few of us to continue his legacy and ensure he is never forgotten for his incredible spirit and passion.”

We, at Music Plus, have lost a friend.
Travel Well Samir!

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