The Humans of fund worth $50,000 will support Indian musicians

AI-driven music tech start-up has announced a new fund worth $50,000 to support Indian artists while significantly expanding the company’s music catalogue., co-founded by sitar player Mansoor Rahimat Khan and audio/music researcher, Siddharth Bhardwaj, aims to revolutionise how music is created.

“We are launching ‘The Humans of’ with the goal of providing financial support to independent artists,” said the company in a social media post. “This $50,000 fund is specifically targeted towards helping artists who may not have access to traditional sources of funding, such as grants or sponsorships. We believe that this fund has the potential to make a significant impact on the careers and livelihoods of independent artists.”

Artists partnering with are thoroughly vetted before they start submitting high-quality music samples. Indie artists can look forward to being a part of exclusive events and brand campaigns too. Their subscription-based program offers $20/ month, $40/ month, and $100/month subscription plans catering to individual content creators, agencies, and production houses. claims the company has worked with more than 200 artists such as Khalid Ahamed from Parvaaz, Asad Khan from A.R. Rahman’s band, Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan and many others. Having already spent over $30,000 to source music, promises that artists get creative control and expressive assignments along with the operational aspects of collaboration that are based on transparency, respect, and mutual benefits.

The fund will provide revenue opportunities for budding as well as established musicians to make a difference in the booming creator economy.

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