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Telugu music review from the first half of September 2019



Apart from Anirudh’s Gang Leader and Mickey.J.Meyer’s Valmiki, that are sitting pretty on top of the charts in Telugu, the releases in the 1st fortnight had some pleasant surprises from smaller films as well.


Nee Hrudayam – Pressure Cooker – Sunil Kashyap – Aditya Music

Aditi Bhavaraju’s dreamy vocals anchor this pleasing track. Sunil keeps the arrangements minimal and the male harmony he assembles works beautifully.

Rating – 9/10



Ninnu Chuse Anandamlo – Gang Leader – Anirudh Ravichander – Sony Music South

Anirudh’s Telugu journey seems to be on the right track. This song is also a welcome departure for Sid Sriram, after ‘High on Love’ from Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (Yuvan), from what he has been getting to sing off late. Anirudh laces the latter half of the song with some nice Sarod portions (Prattyush Banerjee) that complement the well-done synth portions.

Rating – 8/10



Gangu Leader – Gang Leader – Anirudh Ravichander-Sony Music South

The raw energy of the title track is infectious and the usage of trumpet and the Shehnai deserve mention. Anirudh pulls out all stops and the result is an electrifying track that will be much sought after in the dance floors. The promo video featuring Nani and Anirudh is well shot as well.

Rating – 8/10



Gagana Veedhilo – Valmiki – Mickey J Meyer – Sony Music South

Following the high octane ‘Jarra Jarra’, Mickey flaunts his range with this pulsating duet. Anurag Kulkarni & Sweta Subramanian sing it with the right zeal. The ‘Kavita Neeve’ hook is vibrant and adds to the free-spiritedness of the song. Lyrics are by Vanamali.

Rating – 8/10

Waka Waka, the other single from the album that released recently, is menacing enough to match Varun Tej’s ferociousness on screen.



Chikubukantu – Praana – Arunvijay – Mango Music

This is a superb song and brought back fond memories of early Rahman with its serene arrangements. Shilpa Raj dazzles with her rendition and Arunvijay (not to be confused with the Tamil hero of the same name) punctuates the melody with a sedate tabla (Anand), a tranquil flute (Rajesh & Prakash) and more importantly some tantalizing pauses.

Rating – 9/10



High on You – Mango Music Originals – Mebyn – Mango Music

Mebyn, credited with the composition, lyrics, and vocals, does a fabulous all-round job and puts together a breezy & appealing track. I wish the music video and the choreography were a little better and did justice to the composition.

Rating – 7/10



Ninnu Chuda – Oka Chinna Viramam – Bharath Machiraju – Aditya Music

To start with, some of the frames in the video are absolutely gorgeous. Bharath’s piano-led melody gains immensely from Yadu Krishna’s immersive vocals. Renin Raphael on the guitars and Dilip Krishna on the flute provide admirable support to this pensive tune that culminates in a delightful high.

Rating – 7/10



Veteran singer S.P.Balasubrahmanyam’s evergreen vocals make an appearance in Nee Kosam’s “Telipedelaga’, composed by Srinivas Sharma. After a promising start, the song meanders. ‘Entha Chuda Chakande’ from Raahu (music – Praveen Lakkaraju) is a sensuous composition that is worth visiting as well.


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