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Tamil music releases from July 2019 reviewed



Tamil music in July 2019, saw the precursor to 3 of the upcoming big star releases, Ner Konda Paarvai (The ‘Pink’ remake with Ajith), Bigil (Vijay – Atlee – ARR combo) & Kaappaan (Suriya-KV Anand-Harris Combo). It was also an interesting month for women-oriented subjects and songs glorifying the female force! Here is a quick look at some of the songs that made the cut.

Vaanil Irul – Ner Konda Paarvai – Yuvan Shankar Raja – Zee Music

Yuvan has been in fine form in the last few months and here he gets Dhee to sing this haunting melody that has very minimal orchestration and flows beautifully. Lyrics by Uma Devi strike a positive chord.

Rating: 8/10

Singappenney – Bigil – A R Rahman – Sony Music

I am a fan of Rahman’s anthemic songs. This one is a rousing anthem that befits the sports backdrop of the film and is dedicated to women. Lyricist Vivek stays clear of the cliched adjectives often associated with women in Tamil films and strings together some lovely lines that complement the tune well. The song takes a surprise turn with the ghazal-ish portion sung by Shashaa Tirupati. The ‘Yeru Yeru Yeru’ hook is ‘Bigil’ worthy and the infectious rhythm adds to the adrenalin rush.

Rating: 9/10

Adhuva Adhuva – Naadodigal 2 – Justin Prabhakaran – Sony Music

If this short and sweet single is any indication of the album to follow, Justin Prabhakaran is well on his way to replicate the success of his much-appreciated recent album ‘Dear Comrade’. Yugabharathi’s lyrics beautifully captures the leads pondering about how & when they met and fell for each other. Shweta Mohan & Sooraj Santosh ease thru the lovely guitar backed melody like a couple gracefully walking down the aisle. Nice!

Rating: 9/10

Mia (Vaanathil Parakka) – Mia – Ashwin Johnson – U1 Records

A song high on energy and positivity. I wish the pronunciation was given a little bit more importance. But I am only nitpicking here. Sayonara Philip soars beautifully and the little nuances she adds, lifts the emotional quotient of the song to another level. The lyrics are by Govardhan Palaniswamy. If you have a ‘drive to work’ playlist, this is one song that will fit the bill perfectly.

Rating: 7/10

Nee Vaanavilla – Aadai – Oorka – Think Music

Chennai based band Oorka (shortened from ooru-kkaaga, meaning ‘for the people’ – not what you curd rice lovers are thinking.. Haha!) build the pace up gradually to ace the heady rock sound in this lovely track. Lyricist Bharath Shankar deserves special mention for the poignant verses. Shakthishree Gopalan is a brilliant choice for the vocals.

Rating: 8/10

Oru Naal – Aadai – Pradeep Kumar – Think Music

Another song from the film ‘Aadai’ that worked for me. A slow burner of sorts that is sung by the composer himself and hits all the right notes as it ebbs and flows akin to the theme of the song. The lyrics, soaked in philosophy are credited to the director of the film Rathnakumar, describe the highs and lows of life and how it is just a puppet directed by multiple strings.

Rating: 8/10

Shero Shero – Jackpot – Vishal Chandrashekhar – Sony Music

What do you call the hero of a typical masala film, if the said protagonist is a woman? A Shero! PJ’s aside, this one looks like one of those masala potboilers and it would be a crime to not have a Shero introduction song. Brindha Sivakumar (Actor Suriya’s sister) and Sinduri Vishal have a ball belting this one out. Vivek’s lyrics drown in the beats. But, count on this one if you wish to let your hair down and do a little jig. You may find this one making it to the dance floors in Chennai sooner but will it stand the test of time? I think not.

Rating: 6/10

Kaapaan, despite the big combo at work, didn’t make the cut for me, except for the groovy ‘Machaan Inga Vandheera’. The ‘Kaalam EDM song’ from Ner Konda Paarvai is a good listen as well.

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