T-Series tops December YouTube charts with three billion views

In a notable December surge, T-Series, the renowned record label, clinched the top spot on YouTube, accumulating an impressive three billion views. This substantial feat reflected a 31% surge in monthly traffic. This established a significant 33% lead over the closest contender, according to the online video ranking website, Tubefilter.

Maintaining its consistent chart dominance, T-Series reaffirmed its position as a YouTube powerhouse by reclaiming the #1 spot in the global ranking. This achievement adds to the label’s extensive list of YouTube records, including most lifetime views, subscribers, and #1 finishes in the Global Top 100.

Notably, T-Series stood as the sole channel to surpass the three billion view mark in December, underscoring its unwavering popularity. The second-highest channel to break the two billion mark belonged to Anaya Kandhal. The Indian youngster captivated nearly 20 million subscribers with delightful content on YouTube Shorts. In December, the Kandhal family experienced their best month ever on YouTube, with a notable 22% month-over-month increase. This elevated the channel from fifth to second place in the Global Top 100.

Making a noteworthy entry into the Global Top 100 as the first non-Indian channel for December was MrBeast, led by North Carolina-based creator Jimmy Donaldson. Recognized for producing high-budget videos with millions of views, MrBeast’s combined long-form and short-form content garnered over 1.93 billion monthly views in December 2023.

Tubefilter’s analysis offers a revealing glimpse into the current dynamics of YouTube. Notably, India stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the US, each boasting 26 channels within the top 100. Moreover, a noteworthy 73% of the leading 100 channels primarily focus on content creation for YouTube Shorts.

T-Series, recognized for its extensive collection of long-form music videos, has strategically incorporated Shorts into its content portfolio. This adaptation aligns with shifting viewer preferences. With an impressive 256 million subscribers on YouTube, T-Series continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the digital music landscape.

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