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#SpotifyWrapped: Spotify unveils a personalized “Wrapped” experience for its users


Spotify launched in India in February 2019 and so began the country’s love story with discovering new music every day! To a 2019 of celebrating all-time favorites and new sounds, here’s introducing Spotify’s globally anticipated music wrap-up, Spotify Wrapped, a personalized look back at what you discovered and listened to the most throughout 2019. Even artists can discover how their music connected with fans not only in India but across the world, with the 2019 Artist Wrapped. This is the most personalized, intimate and detailed audio trend analysis shared exclusively for the Spotify passionate global community. Trust this interests you as we invite you to discover and share your own 2019 Wrapped story. (spotify.com/wrapped)

Wrapped is about discovering everything that sound-tracked your life in 2019 – The artists you just could not get enough of. The new sound and voices you discovered a new personal love for. Which song sound-tracked your year on loop? Upon logging into the app, listeners can uncover their own 2019 data and get their own Wrapped share card worth (or we hope, worth) sharing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, right from:

Songs you streamed the most
Artists you streamed the most
Your top genre
Total minutes of music you streamed this year
Spotify is also celebrating the artists that make all of this possible with their own Wrapped cards that will include information on:

Total fan hours streamed
Highest number of fan streams per hour
Increases in followers, total listeners, new listeners, streams, and playlist adds
Country that grew by the highest percent of listeners
Number of fans that had the artist as their #1 artist
That’s not all, what’s awesome is that Spotify users can now log into the app and celebrate their year’s most-streamed music by grooving through their very own personalized WRAPPED playlists!

Check out what India listened to on Spotify in 2019 here.

You can find out more about the Wrapped experience in this video, and on Spotify’s For the Record.

Prachi Agarwal

Author: Prachi Agarwal

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