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Spotify Lite Beta is now available in India



The lower end of Android smartphones will now be able to enjoy Spotify in a lighter version called Spotify Lite Beta. It has been introduced as a 10 Mb sized app with a similar look and feel to the main app. Spotify Lite for Android is much lighter than the regular Spotify app, which takes up to 100MB.

After running successful tests in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil, Spotify Lite is now available on the Play Store in India.


Spotify Lite Android


Amarjit Singh Batra, Managing Director, Spotify India, tells Music Plus why they introduced Spotify Lite in India,

“Our ambition is to be available on all platforms that make sense to our users and make the music streaming experience as seamless as possible.”

India offers one of the cheapest data rates and has one of the highest internet penetration rates.
Spotify Lite, targets a huge chunk of India’s population who have access to the internet but use low budget smart-phones.

With rivals such as Apple Music, Jio Saavn, Jio Music, Gaana, and Airtel Wynk, Spotify has had competition cut-out for itself.

“When Spotify launched in India two months ago, we had committed to localising the app so that more and more people can listen to music,” 

said Batra.


Spotify vs. Spotify Lite Beta for Android

The difference in these two apps can only be understood when both the variants are compared. Like the regular version, Spotify Lite features the custom launch screen, along with Facebook connectivity option. Lite’s interface brings a redesigned ‘Now Playing’ screen, and a new search UI.

Spotify Lite uses very little data and is effective when the network is patchy or users are struggling with the internet while travelling. With limited data consumption, data usage can also be controlled through the data control option. This feature will allow users to set monthly limits for the amount of data to be consumed by the app.

Spotify Lite lets users play their favourite songs, discover new music, keep track of storage and data. It works on all Android phones and can be kept alongside the main Spotify app.

However, unlike Spotify, the Lite version lacks various features. Inability to play high-quality music, and offline music streaming through wireless devices because of unavailability of Spotify Connect are some of them. A library section isn’t available either, and Premium subscribers too, are not allowed to select songs from their playlist.

Spotify offers more than 4 crore songs and 300 crore playlists in India. It is available across 79 markets. In the first quarter of 2019, Spotify crossed 217 million active users and more than 100 million Spotify Premium subscribers. The platform adds approximately 30,000 new tracks each day.


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