Spotify launches Radar Podcasters to support emerging audio creators

Swedish music streaming giant, Spotify has launched a new program to provide support to podcasters across 15 global markets. Titled, Radar Podcasters, the new initiative will elevate podcasters from around the world and help grow their audiences. The program’s format and name borrows from Spotify’s similar efforts to boost up-and-coming artists and musicians.

Each quarter, Spotify’s Podcast Editorial team in participating markets will select three new creators to spotlight. Once selected, the participants can leverage Spotify’s editorial and promotional opportunities. The global Radar playlists will feature three episodes from each Radar creator, and they will receive marketing and social media support.

Spotify has announced the initial Indian slate of podcasters who will be spotlighted with the Radar program. They include, ‘Anurag Minus Verma’, a socio-political show featuring experts; ‘Chumma conversations with Satshyaa’, a personal audio journal that also interviews creators on their lives, love, and the pains of growing up on the internet; and ‘Getting Lost with Archit and Shirin: All About Food’ with two amateur cooks who love carbs, chocolate, and cheese.

In India, Spotify will focus on a different local language every three months. For the next round of this initiative, the focus will be on Tamil, one of the fastest growing languages on Spotify in India for both music and podcasts.

“Radar Podcasters is unique in the sense that it can not only motivate creators to keep going, but it also unlocks these resources that we as a platform can provide. Spotify has a dedicated space to help creators get discovered, to be inspired, and to learn from fellow creators. And that’s exactly what this program speaks to,” said Spotify’s Podcast Editorial Lead, Brianne O’Brien in a blog post. “So first and foremost, we really want to underscore the hard work that’s being done by creators to take their podcast to the next level, but also to build those long-lasting relationships with their audience. Being able to help them scale and better connect with listeners is a critical part of measuring success. Another part of this is building a globally recognised and trusted program that’s not only aspirational but also inspirational, and a consistent resource for creators to succeed.”

Through Radar, Spotify is deepening its commitment to emerging creators and strengthening their connection to audiences. More than 40 creators from around the world will be highlighted, in countries where podcasting continues to grow — the U.S, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Colombia, India, France, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Check out the Radar Podcasters playlist here

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