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Spotify India crosses 1 million users in a week, opens advertising avenues




Since its launch in India on the 26th of February 2019, Spotify India has announced that it has clocked up more than 1 mn unique users across its free and premium tier services. Spotify has a global user base of 207 mn out of which 96 mn have subscribed to their premium service. According to Spotify’s Q4 FY19 results, the streaming giant added 9 mn subscribers at an average of 3 mn per month and hopes to increase its Monthly Active User count to anywhere between 245 mn and 265 mn by the end of the year.

Spotify India would look to target the 400 mn smartphone users thereby opening up a new platform for brands to connect with consumers in an exciting, targeted and impactful way.

Spotify India opening up advertising avenues

Upon launch, OnePlus, Brand USA, and Anheuser-Busch InBev will have exclusive rights to launch their advertising campaigns on Spotify India. Through Spotify, these brands will be able to reach out to the socially active users and advertise their products. Speaking about the advertising avenues, Sunita Kaur, Vice President of Advertising Sales at Spotify, APAC said,

“The Indian advertising industry is thriving as brands target active internet users. We are thrilled to launch in India with three incredible, diverse brands and we are exploring more opportunities to bring other advertisers on board in this market, creating a new playground for them to reach audiences through the power of audio and our streaming intelligence.”

While accessing Spotify users disclose their identity and even their present mood. These first-party data and insights are utilised by Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence.

“We are thrilled that our partnership with Spotify will now extend into India, which is one of our top markets. Music is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries and we continue to use it as an instrument to engage with international travellers,” said Tracy Lanza, VP, Integrated Marketing, Brand USA, about their foray into India with Spotify.

Globally, Spotify users spend an average of 2.5 hours each day listening to music on the platform through multiple devices. The localised Spotify experience in India can help the brands engage with the audience on a personal level.
The brands can benefit from Spotify’s premium content environment which brings the artists, fans and brands together through compelling audio, video, and display ad formats available that help brands tell their story to the right audience in the right context.

“We are positive that this partnership will result in newer avenues of genre exploration and sharing, with consumers becoming more receptive to and appreciative of the intricate nuances of the soundscape, through the large bank of music available on the portal. Looking forward to what’s in store for both, Spotify and us,” said Kartikeya Sharma, VP Marketing – South Asia, ABInBev.

Despite a crowded music streaming sector which includes well established players like JioSaavn, Apple Music and Gaana, which leads the Indian streaming market with over 80 million monthly users. The Swedish company is offering a free version that will run with ads, alongside a premium ad-free variant that will charge users 119 Indian rupees ($1.68) per month. Spotify’s India launch had hit a roadblock when Warner Music filed an injunction at the Bombay High Court, to stop Spotify India from using its catalog of songs in India.


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