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Spotify to eliminate Saregama catalogue from its platform



Global music streaming giant Spotify has told the Delhi High Court that it will remove all the works belonging to the oldest music label in India, Saregama from its platform within 10 days.


Saregama had moved to the Delhi High Court seeking the court’s injunction against Spotify to stop it from exploiting its songs or doing any act which would result in a violation of its intellectual property rights.


Spotify told the Delhi High Court on Tuesday it will remove all content that belongs to Saregama from its platform within 10 days. Saregama had been in talks with Spotify and had given it the copyright for its library a month before Spotify launched in India in late February. But the companies failed to finalize a licensing agreement. Saregama then approached the high court to restrain Spotify from using its content. Spotify said it did not consider Saregama’s petition to be adversarial and it would delete the company’s content by 3 May 2019. The case will next be heard on 7 May.


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Saregama is one of India’s leading record labels and music publishing companies, with a catalog that generated over a billion streams worldwide in the fourth quarter of last year.


It’s worth noting that Spotify already cannot stream music from global music giant Warner due to ongoing litigation, it will now have to remove all artists signed with Saregama.


Earlier, Warner Chappel Music (WCM), the music publishing division of Warner Music Group (WMG) had filed an injunction to stop Spotify from using its catalog of songs in India. The injunction was filed at the Bombay High Court.


Spotify, offering more than four crore songs and 300 crore playlists for music fans in the country, is available across 79 markets. Spotify has 207 million active users and 96 million of these users are Spotify Premium subscribers. The platform adds approximately 30,000 new tracks each day.


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