Spotify and Instagram team up for Reels Charts

Spotify and Instagram have teamed up to create Reels Charts, playlists featuring the top 50 songs on Instagram’s short-form offering. This collaboration comes as TikTok continues to grow its music streaming app. TikTok also unveiled an artist-discovery program called Elevate, positioning itself as a music discovery platform.

Not to be left behind, Spotify has already introduced Reels Charts in Brazil and Mexico, where streaming is hugely popular. However, their plans for other countries are yet to be disclosed.

The playlist charts on Reels will consider several factors, such as the number of times songs are used in Reels, the songs with the most significant growth in views, engagement levels with videos, and overall consumption.

Reels Charts will be updated weekly, and the Mexico playlist already has a good number of likes. The top-five songs on the playlist are “LALA” by Myke Towers, “The Lamp Is Low” by Laurindo Almeida, “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, “Smooth Operator” by Enzo, and “Super Shy” by NewJeans.

Both Instagram and Spotify are direct competitors with TikTok, and there may be more joint initiatives from them in the future. Instagram recently launched “broadcast channels” worldwide and upgraded Reels templates.

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