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Spicing up the Indian Hip-Hop scene



Kolkata based hip-hop act Adiacot recently released their first track, a diss song called “Gully Mein Apne Kutta Bhi Sher Hai” which directly takes a dig at the growing Mumbai Gully rap scene and its stars.

Evidently dissing the scenes’ poster boys – Divine and Emiway, the song boldly opens with the lines, “Tareefen apni apni khud ki karte, kahe ka ghamand?” (You keep praising yourself, why so proud of yourself?). The song has already created a lot of waves online, particularly amongst hip-hop fan boys keeping them eagerly waiting for a reply.

By definition, “A diss track or diss song is a song intended to disrespect people.” This culture which is predominant in the US, commonly takes place between rappers from the East Coast and West Coast. Many rappers including Jay Z, Eminem, Dr. Dre, DMX, etc. have released some of the most notable diss tracks in recent times. Most recently, Eminem was dissed by MGK which echoed their infamous history of passive aggression.

Although the earliest diss emerged during Tchaikovsky’s times, tracks with an underlying diss or evident diss tracks have been prevailing since 1962.

“If two quality rappers battle it out, it doesn’t matter, who is better. Hip hop wins at the end of day. But unfortunately, Divine hasn’t given a worthy response yet. People are responding avidly, which reinforces the fact that they wanted an opponent in the game,” affirmated EPR (Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer), the brain behind the song besides Hulkyboyy (Sagnik Choudhury) and El Deepo (Soumyadeep Dasgupta) who constitute the group Adiacot.  EPR, a popular emcee and rapper who conceived this song proudly proclaimed saying “I do this for the love of hip hop and not for drama. I can’t stand mediocrity.”

Talking about bringing the culture of dissing to India, “I have always followed, emcees and rappers from all over the world. Dissing or call-outs are very prevalent in the culture of hip hop. I do this solely to promote hip hop in my part of the country, which has been overshadowed by heavily promoted, money fuelled content from the other side. I would love a callout or a come back in the name of hip hop,” reasoned EPR.

When asked if a diss track released on a digital platform enabled him to express himself better, EPR replied saying, “This is how music and art should be, unfiltered. This is best way to express yourself. I’m doing this with no other purpose but to elevate the scene. The better have to emerge.” He further added, “Adiacot will be making more music as will Underground Authority, who are also displeased with the so called “Celebration of Mediocrity” in the so called “Indie-scene of India.”

EPR who is also the front man and lyricist for Kolkata based rap-rock band Underground Authority claims, “It doesn’t matter if Indian audiences are ready for a format like this. Ever since Underground Authority, I have always been innovating and experimenting with forms of music, without caring about whether they will be accepted or not. But my audience have always supported me.”

Go check out the song on Adiacot’s YouTube page.

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