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It has been a way of life for the six, ever since that hot summer afternoon in Delhi back in 1991. Having spent their adolescence together, humming the same tunes and worshipping the same idols, it was all but natural that they would end up together. With a common aim to play their Rock n Roll heroes in real life, they embarked on a journey to become the front-runners of Rock music in India. They called themselves Parikrama.

With an original lineup that consisted of Nitin Malik, Sonam Sherpa, Chintan Karla, Rahul, Prashant and Subir Malik, they played their first gig at Father Agnel School, New Delhi on 15 September 1991. “Anyway, Rahul and Prashant got through their MBA courses while we were playing for a few months before hand,” said, the founder member and keyboardist Subir Malik.

Since then, they have performed at numerous concerts, headlined music festivals and have managed to garner a fan following of millions across the globe. Describing their glorious journey of almost three decades as “Stairway to Heaven.” Subir explained the relation the band shares with their fans, “We have been open and easily accessible to our fans from the very first day.”

Parikrama band

Starting off as a covers band, it was the brilliant success of Xerox that encouraged Parikrama to begin penning their own songs. The band focused on original tracks as they went on to release But It Rained, Am I Dreaming, Open Skies, and I Believe among others. Parikrama has always steered clear of all things commercial, but still, being a crowd puller.

The accomplishments of the eight-piece band is embedded with a perfect mix of craft, skills and vision. They scooped in international acclaim in 2007 via a performance at the Download Festival, and there was no looking back from then on. Irrespective of not having a recorded album, the band managed to evoke emotions through their music thereby cementing a strong fan base.

Parikrama band


Turning 27, this June 17, the band, now, includes Subir Malik on keyboards, his brother, vocalist Nitin, guitarists Sonam Sherpa and Saurabh Chaudhary, bassist Gaurav Balani, drummer Srijan Mahajan, violinist Imran Khan and tabla player Shambhu Nath. As the band believes in distributing music via digital mediums, they have been updating their songs for free download on their website. Evolving with technology, Parikrama is open to experimenting with gadgets. Malik affirmed, “Of course.”

Parikrama band


Leading their way for Rock music in the country, the band bagged the performance of a life-time when they opened for the Iron Maiden tour. Malik looked back in glee and said, “It was our most memorable show/tour”.

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